Chrissy Teigen Flips Bird at Pregnancy Critics

The model/mother-to-be has another strong message for a Twitter user who posted a judgmental pregnancy-related tweet, right after she revealed the sex of her baby.

Chrissy Teigen Flips Bird at Pregnancy Critics chrissyteigen/Instagram

Chrissy Teigen is not one for holding back when she has strong opinions about something—especially when it comes to anyone judging her through her pregnancy. Refresher: She once told pregnancy critics to "get out of [her] uterus."

The model—who sweetly announced that she and husband John Legend are expecting a baby girl—fired back a wordless message to a Twitter user who posted a tweet directed to Chrissy and John slamming those who decided to have babies out of marriage. The user posted: "doesn't anyone get married anymore before starting a family? #marriage #responsibility #love #family #baby..."

The best part of all this? Chrissy and John have been married since 2013.

The mama-to-be made her distate for the tweet very clear by reposting it alongside a photograph of her hand—engagement ring and all—with her middle finger up to really drive home her point.

Not surprisingly, plenty of users jumped in to defend Chrissy and slam the original poster. It looks like the account that posted the tweet has been deleted, but Chrissy's response was too good to not share.

Word to social social media haters: Next time you decide to criticize someone, make sure you get your facts straight. Or maybe just don't use the internet to spread hate?