Christy Hemme Is Expecting

How wrestling's newest mom-to-be is staying fit and healthy during pregnancy

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Christy Hemme, TNA Impact Wrestling's ring announcer and former WWE Diva, is no stranger to fitness and hard work. Hemme has been consistently exercising since she was a teenager, and that same hard work (and hard abs) made her a force to be reckoned with—both inside and outside of the wrestling ring. Now, Hemme has a whole new reason to stay active: she's expecting a baby! We caught up with her to chat about her pregnancy.

You're a singer, songwriter, ring announcer, writer, and producer. Are you worried about how you're going to balance it all as a mom?

Having a baby has been a huge dream of mine, since I met my husband. I do have a really full plate, but I like it that way. I don't envision slowing down once the baby arrives. I think it is all about working out a balance. It took my husband and me several years to figure out the right groove for us, one that kept us active in our ambition while still making each other a priority. I think the same will be true once the new baby arrives.

Did you feel tired during your first trimester? How do you keep up with your busy schedule?

I was really sick my entire first trimester. Nausea and throwing up were pretty much an all-day event. I actually found out I was pregnant the same week I became a member of the creative team at TNA Wrestling. I made the decision to keep the news quiet for as long as I could. I wanted to prove I was dedicated and I was not willing to just sit back, kick my feet up and be defined as only a pregnant lady.

When I was at work I was "on," and I didn't let it affect my mood or work. If I needed to throw up, I would quietly excuse myself, take care of business and come right back. The minute I got home I would lie down, and my loving hubby would take care of me while I recharged for the next day. Working definitely helped put the sickness in the back of my mind, and it also reminded me every day that our little one was safe and sound. Having a baby on the way makes me even more ambitious for my dreams.

Tell us about your husband. How do you think you'll complement each other as parents?

My hubby is absolutely the most wonderful man on planet Earth! He and I met on a red eye flight on July 14th, 2008. We were both seated in coach when, right before the plane took off, the stewardess called "Charley Patterson and Christy Hemme" over the intercom, brought us up to the front and sat us next to each other in first class. It was the first time we had ever met, and we both instantly knew we were soulmates. It was the most magically divine moment of my life.

We have always known we wanted to have kids, but we also wanted to have at least five years for us to travel and enjoy each other. We have now been together for six years and really feel like we took the time to create a solid foundation for children; a foundation that will show them we are committed to one another and to them. We want to show them each day what true love looks like.

I had deep fears that I would be unable to have children, but God proved me wrong! I was expecting after only a month of removing my IUD. Our baby is due New Year's Eve, the same due date my husband had!

Charley and I share the same energy for life, beliefs and vision for our future. We couldn't be more opposite in personality. Charley is a type A, strong leader and thinker, who is very structured and organized. I am a super creative, feeler, "fly by the seat of my pants," dreamer. While we are both very strong in keeping each other on our toes and challenging one another, it's our communication and care for the relationship that allows us to continually evolve and grow. I believe this will be the perfect balance for our children!

How has your exercise regimen changed?

Drastically! I've worked out consistently since I was 16. In my first trimester, I didn't expect to be so sick. I listened to my body and stopped working out for three months. This was a huge lesson for me, to not push myself to the point where I don't have anything left to give.

By 14 weeks, I started to get some relief from the sickness. I felt like the little baby kicked me in my tummy and said "come on mommy it's time!" Working out is now a huge priority and necessity in my day. Even when I don't feel well, working out always makes me feel better. When I'm in the office, I'll go to the gym on my lunch break. I'm not worried about coming back to work a wee disheveled because I can feel all the benefits it provides for both of us. And when I'm on the road, its business as usual; I squeeze in a great workout. As far as my actual regimen, I'm usually a crazy workout person. I take my heart rate pretty high and I really push my body to the limit. I'm now taking it down a notch in intensity while sticking to lower weight, higher reps when it comes to weight lifting.

Have you been indulging in any particular foods during your pregnancy?

It is so weird, I thought I would have all these cravings and be so hungry, but it's been exactly the opposite! I love to enjoy food, but right now I'm completely uninterested. All I want is plain, clean, fresh foods. My body tells me when I need to eat, and I'll know quickly if I've eaten something my body does not like. The one and only odd craving I have is chewy red candy... and I am usually a chocolate lover! I eat every hour and a half, am super diligent with my vitamins/prenatals and drink a ton of water. I again feel strongly about listening to my body. My tummy is doing the talking!

How did you announce the news to your colleagues at TNA?

Even though I'm five months along, few people know I am expecting. I just started telling a few people quietly and the rest will find out the day this article is released.

Any maternity fashion tips you've picked up so far?

For anyone trying to hide a growing belly, layers, scarfs, vests, necklaces and loose shirts were definitely my trick! Leggings have also been my saving grace as far as comfort and not putting any pressure on my growing bump. The only thing I really had to give up were my pants because I don't like them on my belly. But do not ditch your style! I can't wait to wear shirts and dresses that show off my bump—and I really can't wait until my bump is huge!

What has surprised you the most about pregnancy so far?

I knew that I would love being pregnant, but I am surprised by how much. Setting aside the not so fun stuff like being sick, feeling our little wee one move around and kick everyday literally brings me to tears. It's unforgettable. I can already feel that I will miss this part, so I'm making sure I enjoy every moment.

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You're always in such great shape. How do you plan on passing along your healthy lifestyle to your child?

I'm passionate about the way a person honors and treats her body. I believe it is very important to be educated on how I fuel my body and feed my spirit. Unfortunately, we have a lot of problems in the United States with foods the FDA approves. Because of this, you better believe I will educate my children on how to protect themselves and their future.

Are you taking any baby name inspiration from the professional wrestlers you've worked with?

Haha! That is really funny—and no! Actually, Charley and I have had our baby names picked out since we met. If we have a girl, her name will be Charlie Rose Patterson, after her daddy. If we have a boy, his name will be Hemme Lee Patterson, after his mommy.

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