Ciara is Every (Pregnant) Woman in this Adorable Dance Clip

This video, which features the pregnant singer dancing like no one's watching, will make you want to make like Ciara and shake that bump. 

Ciara Pregnancy Dancing JB Lacroix / Getty Images
Need some incentive to get off the couch and get a workout in while pregnant? Look no further—Ciara just shared a video of herself dancing around her own home, and it's totally infectious. Ciara looked like she was having so much fun, and the social media clip may or may not make you want to get up and take your own baby bump for a dance break.

Ciara, who is expecting her second baby, danced to "I'm Every Woman," and she didn't hold anything back—singing into kitchen utensils, jumping on couches, shimmying out of a button-down...these were just a few of the moves Ciara displayed in the video. Ciara enlisted choreographer Galen Hooks to help her come up with the sweet moves, but there's no reason even the most inexperienced dancers can't use this as inspiration!

Ciara made it a family affair, enlisting her husband, Russell Wilson, and son, Future, to make cameos as well. Our take? Whether you're pregnant or a new mom, getting up and dancing around your house is a pretty great way to reap some of exercise's benefits, no gym visit required. 

Ciara has always been vocal about her commitment to fitness—as our sister site, Parents, shared, the singer likes the mix it up between cardio and weight training. But, we have to say it: This cute little dance video looks like it just might her most enjoyable workout yet! We're totally going to take a cue from her and dance around the house the next time we need a fun at-home health boost (or, you know, just a reason to smile).