Coco Austin Flaunts Impressive Post-Baby Body

The bombshell and wife of Ice-T looks incredible four days after giving birth to their daughter, Chanel Nicole—but then, was there ever any doubt?

Coco Austin Flaunts Impressive Post-Baby Body Coco/Instagram

We know celebrities have amazing "bounce back game" when it comes to losing baby weight, but this is pretty unbelievable. Coco Austin shared an Instagram post of herself holding her baby just four days after giving birth. She's fully dressed, her daughter clad in an outfit that matches her mama's, looking happy, healthy and completely fierce.

How incredible did she look in the photo? Well, see for yourselves.

Yup. That's just a few days postpartum. We're not quite sure how she looks so good without months of grueling workouts with her trainer—and we definitely don't know how she mustered up the energy to get dressed up and look put-together so soon after giving birth.

This isn't the first glimpse we've seen of Coco's baby girl, Chanel Nicole. The star has shared several shots of her baby from the first few days of her life—one particularly cute picture was taken after Coco had "given her the boob." Because no one would has ever accused Coco of being mysterious, she also shared details of her delivery, saying she "pushed Chanel out in [three] tries." So apparently she's just blessed when it comes to all things pregnancy related?