Coco Austin: Her Baby Bump is (Finally) Here!

Recently, Coco Austin, wife of rapper Ice-T, had a barely visible baby bump that had many questioning her and her pregnancy. Now, at 30 weeks, her baby bump is here.

Coco Austin: Her Baby Bump (Finally) Here! coco/Instagram

What a difference a few weeks makes! Just recently, Coco Austin, the pregnant wife of rapper Ice-T, had a barely noticeable baby bump that was making noticeable headlines. Regardless of the ultrasound she shared of baby Chanel Nicole, some were accusing her of faking her pregnancy. Others criticized her for being too thin, blaming her small belly on her commitment to fitness, and saying she was choosing vanity over her baby's health. But many came to her defense, sharing their own personal stories of how they carried when pregnant, further proving that no pregnancy is the same.

It took till the beginning of October, but Coco Austin's bump is finally, undeniably, visible. This past Friday, Coco now 30 weeks, proudly showed off her very evident bump in a curve-hugging purple dress, tweeting: "I'm so proud of my 30 week baby bump! Being pregnant is straight-up awesome! #ChanelNicole will be so loved!"

Coco Austin's tweet was favorited hundreds of times, and received numerous comments about staying positive against the naysayers, how her being fit throughout this pregnancy is an inspiration, and just a sounding board for general love of pregnancy. Throughout her 9 months, Coco has stayed true to her sexy self, while sharing in the huge amount of joy she is experiencing at being pregnant and her excitement for her baby. This past weekend she posted an ultrasound video showing her excitement for her upcoming, adorable newcomer.