Coco Austin: 'I'm Obsessed With Breastfeeding!'

How it's helping her shed pounds, too. 

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It's no secret that new (hot!) mama Coco Austin is super body-positive. She stayed very physically active while pregnant with her first baby, Chanel Nicole, and unfairly received flack from naysayers who accused her of not even being pregnant. 

She lashed back without any apologies, and with lots of support from sweet hubby Ice-T. Now that Chanel is 6 months old, Coco is being vocal about another hot mommyhood topic: breastfeeding. Though she initially admitted that her "nipples were bleeding and scabbing over" at the beginning of her breastfeeding journey, mommy-daughter duo Coco and Chanel now have the hang of it.

"I’m kind of obsessed with [breastfeeding],” Coco tells E! News. “[Chanel is] 6 months now, but for a good five months she was great at breastfeeding. Just recently she got a little congested and, since then, it was hard for her to drink from my boob so I had to force the bottle in her mouth. Now that it's cleared up, she wants the bottle more, and it hurts my feelings...I'm doing whatever I can because now she's growing and she needs more milk…so I'm going from breastfeeding to formula, breastfeeding to formula, but I wish she would want a little more of me."

In addition to wanting the mommy/baby connection that breastfeeding offers, Coco also likes the other perks, too. "I’ve noticed that breastfeeding in general burns so [many] more calories," she opens up to PEOPLE Mom Talk. We feel ya, girl! 

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