Danielle and Kevin Jonas Cover Shoot for Fit Pregnancy Magazine

The parents-to-be share exclusive details from Dani's pregnancy, their baby name discussions, and more


I and Kevin. And being out jam and we are so proud to be in December January issue that's different. Just pregnancy heads teens Kevin nice relationship and such a big way it was decision making him. Just talking to each other and talking think about it. You know being on the same level a lot pretzels in them. It's been very. I was going to be open fair and sported at its most important thing and of course flooding the baby man's assassins. Are and ten. You have come to finally and very picky but we're kind bounce a couple of react to lakes. This. Fox when umpire Lyndon. Other thing I want. Yet you seem to valley pump plus she was walking into the concert first time. Add the when it first just wasn't the tour and she heard it unscathed it's. So that wasn't enough to need them but at the age isn't it.

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