Danielle Jonas Interview for Fit Pregnancy

From the set of her photo shoot with Kevin Jonas, the mom-to-be shares details from her pregnancy, and dreams for her family-to-be


Hi my name is and how Jana I am proud to be in the December and January this year that pregnant. Has surprised me the most with this pregnancy is a lot of thing that. Women don't tell you that you both very differently if he heard saying aren't just the changes that you don't care. I have been very open with my anxiety it's. With the pregnancy. Can do wary of life whereas before the baby gets really isn't okay. I think that. The thing that has helped me has been working out the kids packets your mind off they're doing something you're feeling good and and to stay on has always help inside brought it here in practice. I would love a big fan line I want a four and now. Giving us first climate cycle may be very clear that the well hearted and think that it's gonna be but it's definitely.

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