Danielle and Kevin Jonas: Who Does Their Daughter Look Like?

The first photo of Alena Rose Jonas, plus baby photos of the new parents. Let's see who she resembles more!

alena-rose-jonas Shutterstock.com

It's been Jonas-mania ever since Danielle and Kevin announced they had a baby on board back in July. They've since shared intimate details about their pregnancy in our December/January issue, talked openly about prenatal anxiety, had a dream baby shower, and posted exciting milestones on social media every step of the way.

But nothing compares to the excitement of delivery day: The Married to Jonas couple gave birth to their first baby, Alena Rose, on Super Bowl Sunday, February 2nd, 2014. (Only time will tell if there's an athlete in the family.)

Kevin Tweeted, "I'm so in love with her" on the big day, while the world oohed and ahhed at the first photo of mom and baby (above). Who do you think she looks like?

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