Daphne Oz: Pregnant and Loving It

Ready to relish every minute of your pregnancy? The Chew's radiant host shows you how to seize this awesome time.

Behind the Scenes: Daphne Oz

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It's a stormy day in New York City, but Daphne Oz is beaming. On a busy day of from shooting ABC's food-focused talk show The Chew, she's sitting in a photo studio crafting an email to her sister while her blond streaked hair is pinned into loops that will soon be luxurious waves, her aqua eyes are getting the smoky treatment and her toes are receiving final touches from a pedicurist. Meanwhile, she's instructing her makeup artist on precisely what she'd like done with the three bottles of Armani foundation she brought with her: Mix those two shades, please, plus the shimmer, exactly this way, thank you.

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Oz's directness, drive and integrity have helped her achieve success before she's even hit her 30th birthday. In fact, the 28-year-old has been juggling business and fun since college: Not content to be known only as the daughter of Dr. Oz, America's favorite integrative heart surgeon, she parlayed her own experience dropping several sizes while at Princeton (no, really—she weighed 180 at age 17) into a book, The Dorm Room Diet, in 2006. She became a cohost of The Chew when it premiered in 2011, then wrote the best-selling cookbook and lifestyle guide Relish: An Adventure in Food, Style, and Everyday Fun last year.

But just when you want to grumble with envy at her extreme togetherness, she'll utter something that sounds like it could have come from your quirky best girlfriend. She'll cite a recipe's main selling point as the fact that "you can't f--- it up— sorry, screw it up." (It's this Moroccan lentil soup with sweet potato recipe) She'll share some graphic advice she got from a doula about vaginal massage. ("It's apparently really helpful in avoiding an episiotomy, which is top on my list of things to avoid.") She'll switch the photo shoot music from chilled-out Fleetwood Mac to Jay Z's bumping "Holy Grail." She'll take the extensions out of her hair to simplify matters.

Now six months pregnant with her frst child (she and her business student husband John Jovanovic aren't fnding out the sex), Oz is learning to apply her balanced, savvy-yet-not-too-serious philosophy to a whole new side of life ... good news, since the couple wants seven kids. Here, she shares her secrets for feeling her best and making the most of every aspect of her pregnancy. Try them yourself!

Trust in your body's ability to do this.

"The best advice I got early in my pregnancy was from my dad. He said, 'You should and can read tons of information about what's best for your baby—the sleep and the diet and everything. But you just have to trust that a lot of it is intuitive. Your body will signal to you what you need.' And when it comes to actually giving birth, I think a lot of it is mental: If you breathe and realize that this is something your body is meant to do, it will happen."

Love your figure, finally.

"Being pregnant has changed the way I see myself. On the show yesterday we had two Victoria's Secret models, and I was like, 'Ha-ha, I don't have to worry about looking like that!' I definitely would not have been happy if they had been there before I was pregnant."

Calm down about working out.

"My doctor said I could do anything I'd been doing to stay in shape as long as I could keep up a conversation during it. But I'm not very good at moderation when it comes to exercise—I need to really sweat to feel like I did anything worthwhile. So I gave up my normal running and Spinning workouts. Instead, I'm walking 3 to 5 miles a day and doing leg and butt and arm exercises. I want to stay in shape because I want the baby to be healthy. But when I see pregnant women in full workout gear, I'm like, 'How do you have the energy?' I applaud them, but that's just not how I can live right now."

Document the fascinating changes.

"This process has gone so fast. I can't believe I'm at 27 weeks already. So every three weeks or so, I take a picture on my iPhone of myself in the same position. I also keep a journal, noting things like when the baby moves. It also gets your feelings out—a great stress reliever."

Eat what you've simply got to have.

"Here's what's funny about cravings: For me, they're so varied. I will die for a piece of fried chicken or a bagel or pizza sometimes. But other days, I want grapefruit, quinoa or kale salad. I've been paying attention to what my body wants and not overthinking what I'm supposed to be eating. So I get a good balance of the nutritious and the indulgent. I'll have the fried chicken but not every day."

Have sex—confidence makes it hotter!

"Having experienced real body insecurity as a teenager, I only fully came to appreciate how carefree and in love with my body I could be once I got pregnant. All my inhibitions are gone. You're not thinking, How does my stomach look? You're thinking, I'm pregnant, and all this voluptuous glory is up in your business."

Amp up your energy.

"Collapse on the couch if you have to— that's key. But when I really need to keep going, nuts are a great energy-boosting food. I'll also do almond butter on toast or cheese with apples. Anything with protein will give you a boost."

Perfect your five-minute face.

"You don't know how your routine is going to change once the baby comes. I used to be a smoky-eye girl, but now I just use Armani foundation and Clé de Peau under-eye concealer—it's eight hours of sleep in a tube. After that, two coats of mascara and a bright lipstick—done."

Make the nursery a place where you want to hang out.

"My mom and I are having so much fun decorating the nursery. No sharp angles, no bright colors, everything muted, everything cream and white. Nice textures, like furry things and soft things. I'm making sure I'm creating a space I want to be in, because this is where I'll be spending all my time. I want it to feel luscious but not too cluttered."

Reconsider your beauty routine.

"When I frst found out I was pregnant, I jettisoned as many of my toxic beauty and cleaning products as I could. Now I only use coconut oil to take my makeup of at night. It's antimicrobial, moisturizing and safe for the baby."

Blend up breakfast.

"I have a smoothie every morning. Before I was pregnant, I couldn't have cared less about breakfast and I loved dinner. Now I eat, like, four breakfasts. Smoothies are an easy way to get a huge dose of nutrition; I blend up yogurt, kale, sour cherries, faxseed and almond butter."

Bask in all the special treatment.

"We take a week off from taping The Chew every few weeks, and when we come back everyone's always like, 'Can we touch your stomach?' To see fully grown men—Mario Batali and Michael Symon and Clinton Kelly—going nuts over a baby bump is so sweet. Carla Hall is always texting me, like, 'I had a dream about the baby!' Everyone treats you diferently in the best way possible."

Share those kicks with your partner.

"At frst, I forgot that John was not experiencing the kicks and things every day like I was. I try to keep him apprised of what's going on and let him feel movements. Of course, the baby always scuttles to the back the minute I do that!"

Relax. No, really.

"My dad is in the camp of: Look at how cultures have been giving birth for years. It's highly unlikely all the Japanese women stopped eating fsh and drinking tea. It's highly unlikely all the French women stopped drinking wine and eating raw cheese. People do safe, smart things, but they don't completely uproot their lives. My mother and grandmother told me: 'Relax, enjoy it, go take a nap.' "

Show off that bump.

"I grew up overweight, so I anticipated having to dress like I did back then. But that's not how it feels at all, because I'm so in love with my changing shape. I always thought that hiding under clothes was the best option, but it turns out wearing reasonably formftting stuff works best. I don't want to cover it up or hide it—I want to flaunt it."

Enjoy the unfiltered new you!

"Being pregnant has made me much more uninhibited. That's partially because I don't feel any need to hide my body, thanks to my growing belly. There's that period in the beginning where your belly hasn't popped and you just feel, um, Rubenesque, but then you start showing and stop feeling self-conscious because the bump is so beautiful! And it's partially because pregnancy brain often means my flters are turned of, and whatever pops into my brain comes rolling on out. It's alarming at frst, but actually wonderfully freeing! You get to just enjoy exactly where you are and soak up every minute of this crazy adventure toward parenthood."

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