Dear Jessie James Decker: If That’s ‘Loose Mommy Skin’ We’ll Take It!

The star shared a bikini shot on Instagram and called out her "loose mommy skin." But while we love her candor about how pregnancy changes a woman's body, we have to, what loose skin?

Jessie James Decker has been incredibly vocal about embracing her postpartum body. And while we're glad she's cool with how motherhood changes a woman's shape and how every pregnancy looks a bit different—we  have to say it: Most women don't look the way Jessie does after they give birth. She's in incredible shape, and she represents total #goals for so many mamas out there.

That's why we were sort of surprised to read the caption on a recent Instagram post from the country singer. She shared a shot of herself in bikini and despite the fact that she's sporting a totally fit figure, the country singer still chose to add the hashtag #loosemommyskin to her caption.

Look, we get it. It's human nature for us to be critical of our own self-perceived flaws. While we applaud Jessie for not, say, Photoshopping her tummy to look even more taut, we also have to question the body standards that cause a woman who looks that fit postpartum to pick out her own imperfections. Perhaps because Jessie is in the public eye, every tiny flaw seems magnified to her for that reason. But we kind of feel like this message, rather than empowering other moms, may make those who have some weight to lose and are carrying around far more loose skin feel worse about themselves.

Jessie's followers have weighed in with similar sentiments. "also this pic of "loose mommy skin" I rofled bc my stomach has never looked this good!," one user commented. Another added:  "if that's loose mommy skin I am made of flab." A third commenter wrote: "Shallow as hell. Don't have address that. Many people have way loser skin than u. Makes a lot of people feel intimidated."

We're definitely fans of Jessie's mama swag. She has a beautiful family, she shares unfiltered looks at her life as a mama, and she's been a total badass when it comes to normalizing breastfeeding. But loose mommy skin? We just don't see it.