Did Beyoncé Just Drop Some Hints About Her Pregnancy? Fans Think So

The star is tight-lipped about the details of her pregnancy...but some silent hints may have been dropped along the way.

When Beyoncé first announced her pregnancy, we did what most people were doing: We analyzed the announcement for every last little hint we could find. While Beyoncé and Jay-Z clearly value their privacy and haven't divulged too many details (except for the fact that she's pregnant with twins, of course!), we also know Bey is the master of the silent clue. There's generally a deeper meaning to everything she does—which is probably why the singer's most recent maternity shots have the Internet ablaze with theories about the babies.

Boys on board?

If the most recent speculations are true, Bey is expecting boys. How do fans figure? It's all about Beyoncé's recent wardrobe choice.

The superstar recently wore a tight black dress that put her baby bump on full display, but one observant fan only had eyes for her earrings. The fan took a look at photos shared to Beyoncé's web site and noticed that she was wearing the same earrings as she rocked in her If I Were a Boy music video.

Now, we all know that Queen Bey is not exactly someone who needs to repeat outfits, so the fan wondered if this was a hint that she's expecting boys. We kind of like this theory. 

May-be baby?

Her rock? Flawless. And also possibly telling.

The same outfit featured a pop of color courtesy of yet another piece of showstopping jewelry. Beyoncé wore a huge green ring that looks like it has an emerald stone on it. Since Bey didn't offer up any info about how far along she is or when her babies are due, people are viewing this as a sign she's set to deliver in May, since emeralds correspond to May birthdays. She just announced her pregnancy in February, but she could have waited longer than the typical 12-week mark to announce the good news (she definitely wouldn't be the first celebrity to do this!)

Of course, all this could be pure coincidence (but then again, is it ever that simple when it comes to Beyoncé?) but we have a feeling Bey will drop at least a few hints along the way, and these two theories may very well play out when she delivers. Though, if we're being honest, her initial announcement led us to believe she may be having one boy and one girl—but hey, at least our theory that the baby would arrive this spring could be true if she really does deliver in May!

What do you think? Have you heard (or come up with!) any other theories about the Beyhive babies?