Do the Kardashians Really Need People to Buy Them Baby Stuff?

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian reportedly received plenty of swag at their baby shower―but do wealthy celebs like them really need others to help them with their baby registry?

It might seem like there's nothing normal about the Kardashian klan, but as it turns out, one family member chose to do something pretty common to celebrate the brood's newest member.

Us Weekly is reporting that Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian planned their baby shower by putting out a registry for the event. Nothing out of the ordinary there, right? While there are definitely people who still can't get behind the concept of baby shower registries, the practice of creating them is becoming more and more common. And let's face it: Registries definitely can be a good way for parents-to-be to ensure they're getting gifts they actually need, not just arbitrary picks from family and friends.

But here's our question: When you have Kardashian money, do you really need to ask your guests for gifts? 

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Is it Rob and Chyna's prerogative to put out a registry ahead of their baby shower? Of course. But it's also a little bit striking when you consider that so many parents out there struggle to provide basic necessities for their babies, something that certainly won't be an issue for the Kardashians. In spite of this, the couple reportedly requested diapers (among other gifts, of course) from their shower guests.

Speaking of those other gifts, Rob and Chyna went for some seriously big ticket items. According to Us Weekly, they registered for a $370 stroller, a $350 video monitor and a $270 breast pump (which is something moms can get for free through their insurance), to name a few. Those prices seem steep, especially for a registry, but hey, we guess the other half lives differently. 

What do you think of all this? Are you in favor of baby shower registries? And if so, do you think celebrities should take advantage of shower gifts when they clearly don't "need" help buying things for their children in the way so many other parents do?