Don't Even Try Judging Molly Sims for Posting a #Brelfie

Molly Sims posted a sweet breastfeeding selfie—and her caption speaks volumes about the way people act when moms post photos like hers.

Mama of three Molly Sims wants to be clear about one thing—there's no room for judgement where breastfeeding moms are concerned. 

The model—and former Fit Pregnancy cover girl—recently posted a sweet selfie in which she's breastfeeding her son, Grey Douglas. It's an adorable shot, but the caption is what really gets us. 

"BREASTFEEDING=JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE!," she wrote alongside the photo. 

We love the message Molly is putting out here—no mother deserves to be judged for her parenting choices, especially when they involve the totally natural and beneficial act of, you know, feeding her child. Unfortunately, Molly's comment also hints at something that's happening on a larger level—and it's not a good something. Breastfeeding moms are constantly being shamed, judged and policed when nursing their babies, and it's just not right. We can only imagine that Molly chose the comment she posted because she has, at one point or another, been judged for the act.

As for reactions to Molly's post, many of them were positive: Moms weighed in to share their own breastfeeding experiences and praise Molly for posting the sweet shot. While there were a few negative comments in the mix, followers came to Molly's defense and helped her maintain the "judgement-free zone."

"All of you who are making a big issue of this do realize you can't even see either of her breasts right??," one user commented. "All you see is his beautiful little head and hand holding onto his lovely mama. Stop making such a big deal about this. That is why so many women feel ashamed about breastfeeding in the first place. It is truly beautiful!!"

We couldn't agree more!