Don't Tell Tess Holliday—or Any Mom—to 'Cover Up' When Breastfeeding

The model caught some flack for breastfeeding in public—and gave a great response we all can borrow when someone tries to shame us for feeding our babies.

Tess Holliday was at the Women's March in LA when her son, Bowie, became overwhelmed by the crowd—so Tess did what any mother would do: She nursed her son right then and there, knowing it would calm him down and comfort him.

Sure enough, it worked—and LA-based photographer Jessica Louise snapped a photo of the mama in the act. Tess shared the image on her own Instagram page, and while many of her followers voiced their support, others weren't exactly on board with Tess's decision to breastfeed her child out on the open. "[I]t's just flat out uncomfortable to see someone breastfeeding. It should be common courtesy to cover up when feeding," one commenter wrote. 

Unfortunately, shaming a woman for nursing in public happens way too often, but it is always incredibly upsetting—and not just for the women who are directly affected by the shame, but also for people everywhere who support moms and their right to feed their babies as they see fit.

Tess originally added the caption "Breastfeed anywhere" to the photo, but she made a significant edit to her message once the comments started to roll in: "Edited to add: Those saying that I should 'cover up' You mean when I'm breastfeeding MY baby who was a) hungry & b) screaming because he was overly tired & the crowd overloaded his senses & it was the only way to comfort him?!" she wrote. "I will feed my child anywhere I want...Keep your uneducated opinions off my body."

We're totally applauding Tess for this. She has always been vocal about society's need to normalize breastfeeding, and we love that she refuses to take this totally unfair criticism. Breastfeeding is natural. It's necessary, and sometimes it needs to happen in public. We have nothing but admiration and appreciation for women like Tess, who do whatever they can to #NormalizeBreastfeeding.