Drew Barrymore Shows Us Even Stars Struggle to Find Working Mom Balance

Drew Barrymore made a relatable admission on the Golden Globes red carpet—and she made it perfectly clear that motherhood is more important than even the biggest event.

Drew Barrymore work-life balance George Pimentel/Getty Images
Drew Barrymore loves the energy she finds once a year at the Golden Globes. We can't say we blame her—the gorgeous dresses, the glamorous crowd, the anticipation that builds ahead of the actual event—it all looks and sounds amazing.

But there's one thing Drew loves far, far more than any awards show: Her children (Olive, 4, and Frankie, 2). That's why, despite the fact that the actress was set to present at the Golden Globes, she risked missing the event so she could log a bit more time playing with her children. 

"I was in New York in the snowstorm last night 'cause I wanted to maximize time with my children," Drew told E! News. "I have a job to do but I chose to be a parent first and I swear to God the priorities paid off, my karma—we got on the plane and JetBlue got me right here. And it was all good. And I played in the snow with my kids all day."

It's easy for us to look at celebrities and think they don't share so many of parenting struggles. After all, they can afford childcare, seem to drop baby weight in record time and can hire assistants to help them pick up the slack in other areas of life. But here's the thing: Feeling pulled in multiple directions is something almost all moms have felt, regardless of how rich or famous they are. While we won't go so far as to say that stars are just like us, Drew's story proves one thing: Finding that elusive work/life balance is seriously tough for just about every working mama.

While we can't necessarily relate to Drew's exact predicament—for most of us, work commitments don't always involve flying across the country or donning couture gowns—we can understand how hard it can be to get it all done, to hustle in order to maximize the time we have with our kids, and to make little sacrifices along the way to maintain a set of checks and balances. Some of us sacrifice a precious hour or sleep every morning so we can cuddle our babies before we head to work, others take flights at the very last minute and risk missing important events. Struggling to strike that equilibrium is never easy, but it's universal. We can thank Drew for putting that into perspective.