DWTS Dancer Peta Murgatroyd Gets Real About Her Post-Baby Body

Tired of celebs flaunting flat tummies days after giving birth? Dancing With the Stars star Peta Murgatroyd gets real with her new photo.

I don't know about you, but I'm getting a little bit tired of seeing celeb moms posting flat-tummy, every-hair-in-place selfies days after giving birth. (Even though I know those moms have a small army of staffers waiting on them hand and foot so that they can look so well-rested and perfectly coiffed.) So every time I see a celeb mom who posts something that I would never in a million years share with my friends, she scores major bonus points in my book.

Today's kudos go to Dancing With the Stars dancer Peta Murgatroyd, who gave birth to her first child, Shai, earlier this month. She posted this selfie of herself a little over a week postpartum, still sporting a pretty sizeable bump. Her take on her new figure: "Real life: I took this photo 8 days post birth. I left the hospital looking 5 months pregnant. Many people think a woman should shrink right back to her pre-birth weight immediately. That is just not the truth for most."

Basically, that's not the truth for any new mom I know—even those who were superfit before they were pregnant, as Peta obviously was. Everybody—and every body—is different, and we need to be kinder to ourselves and do the things that are healthy for us. That means eating right, resting as much as we can with our brand new babies, staying active, and letting our bodies bounce back on their own schedule. So take pride in that little pooch you've got going on, as it's just a little memento of that beautiful baby you grew.