Emily Blunt is Paranoid Just Like Us in Early Pregnancy

What's it like to shoot a blockbuster while hiding an early pregnancy? Paranoia-inducing, if Emily Blunt's experience with The Girl on the Train is any indication.

Emily Blunt, actress in Girl on the Train Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com
Emily Blunt has been candid about how "relaxed" she's been in parenting her second child—but we've recently learned that the actress wasn't quite as mellow throughout her pregnancy. Understandably so—Emily was filming The Girl on the Train while she was in the early days of her pregnancy. While she made it through filming unscathed, Emily faced plenty of challenges (and a relatable dose of paranoia!) while trying to keep her pregnancy under wraps on set.

Emily's co-stars, Justin Theroux and Luke Evans, shared on-set anecdotes—including a few related to Emily's struggle to hide news of her pregnancy—with PEOPLE. 

“I was like, ‘Why are you behaving so weird in rehearsal?’ She was not wanting to jump or run … and this was the woman who did Edge of Tomorrow, this was the woman who has done Sicario, so I know she can handle herself," Justin spilled. “We went back to my place and I was like, ‘Do you want a drink? Do you want a beer or something?’ And she was like, ‘No, I’m just having a green juice and coconut water.’ I was like, ‘What’s going on here?’”

Justin also shared that he was glad to learn of Emily's pregnancy for one simple reason: He could make sure they weren't putting her in any dangerous situations while filming. While doctors generally urge pregnant women to keep the news a secret through the first trimester, one expert believes it can be smart to clue employers or co-workers in if you're working a very physical job.

"I think it's always nice—when you know the pregnancy is secure and the heartbeat is nice and strong—to tell the people you work closely with [about your pregancy]. I'm sure the people who were running the show probably knew [Emily] was pregnant. I know with my celebrity patients, it's always more of an advantage when you let them know you're pregnant early on because they're much more careful with you," says Sherry Ross, M.D., a Santa Monica-based OBGYN said. 

Preggos everywhere will understand that it's hard to hide an early pregnancy while you're at work—can you imagine how tricky it would be if your work literally involved performing stunts? But while it's great that Emily was so careful while getting physical on set, it appears the "jumping and running" Justin mentioned would have been perfectly safe.

"When actresses do stunts, it really just depends on the stunts you're talking about," Dr. Ross told Fit Pregnancy. "As long as there's no real risk of falling or trauma, that would be the only limit I could imagine would be put on her...As long as she's in good shape, running is fine. You have to remember that the baby is in fluid, it's in a nice, safe environment. In the first trimester, usually the utuerus is still protected by the pubic bone...all those types of activities, even jumping, are perfectly safe."

We have to commend the actress for powering through those early days of pregnancy to get her job done without sacrificing the safety of her child, and ultimately, that involved admitting that she was pregnant so that her co-stars could help keep her safe. Maybe she would have been just fine if she had chosen to run and jump without abandon, but we get it—paranoia during pregnancy is real, and we're a bit reassured to learn even someone like Emily Blunt has experienced it.