Emily Blunt Proves We All Need to Think Like a Second-Time Parent

The two-time mom is "so relaxed" with her second child. Should we all take a page from her book and try to become more chill with our own children?

Emily Blunt Pregnant With Her Second Child at Movie Premiere 2016 DFree/Shutterstock.com
If you have multiple children, you probably know exactly what Emily Blunt is talking about when she references her "relaxed" approach to raising her second child. It's a pretty common sentiment among moms: You stress out over every little thing when you have your first child—but then you start to feel like you've got the parenting thing down, and because of that, you allow yourself to mellow out when you welcome your next baby.

The actress opened up about her two daughters (two-and-a-half-year-old Hazel and three-month-old Violet) and the differences in demeanor between the two girls. "[Violet is] doing really well, really well. I wonder if it’s the second kid — you’re so relaxed, and then they’re relaxed,” she told Extra. “Your energy is not like, ‘Oh my God, am I gonna kill this child by something that I’m doing?’"

That's not to say that raising a second child is easy by any means—but it's only natural for moms to feel more confident in their abilities the second time around, isn't it? One of Fit Pregnancy's own writers even opened up about giving her second child "the shaft" thanks to this exact phenomena. 

But while Emily's sentiments about second-child parenting probably ring true for a lot of moms out there, plenty of celebrity moms have discussed how tough a second pregnancy can be. Ginnifer Goodwin pointed out that it's "exhausting" to run around after a child when you're experiencing pregnancy fatigue, Molly Sims came clean about juggling parenting responsibilities against constant vomitting, and only child Kerry Washington admitted that she's "anxious" about the size of her growing family. Hopefully these mamas will take Emily's comments as reassurance—once the baby arrives, you just might be shocked to discover how natural it all feels!

Can you relate to Emily's point of view on parenting a second child? Do you think we'd all feel saner and more settled if we adopted that second-child mentality with all our children? Granted, it's easier said than done—but it just might be worth a try.