Eva Amurri Martino Gets Real About Why Breastfeeding is So Hard

The actress doesn't hold anything back when discussing the breastfeeding challenges she faced.

Eva Amurri Martino Breastfeeding DFree/Shutterstock
Eva Amurri Martino didn't have a hard time breastfeeding when she welcomed her first child, daughter Marlowe. And when the actress welcomed her second baby, Major, just three months ago, it appeared to be smooth sailing once again. Her little guy took to her breast right away...but only a few days later, things started to get rocky.

Eva wrote a blog post about nursing her son in those early days, admitting that her nipples took a bit of a beating.  "A few days in, and my nipples were cracked, bleeding, and my three-day-old baby was spitting up blood from feeding on them. Yeah, that is as horrific as it sounds," she wrote in her blog post. 

A lactation consultant suggested they have Major's lower frenulum cut, which helped the issue. But then came a terrible shock: Major's night nurse dropped him, causing the newborn to crack his head on the floor. As you can imagine, the ordeal was incredibly stressful for the mother of two, and stress of that magnitude did what it tends to do: It messed with Eva's ability to nurse.

Eva wrote about how the experience—coupled with her postpartum anxiety and feelings of guilt—caused her milk supply to dip, and though she tried and tried to revive it, it didn't always work. "On 'good days' it was fine, and Major would be able to easily get a robust and full feeding from me–but then on the bad days or weeks when I was having a hard time emotionally, my supply would suffer.  What made this even worse is how much I would blame myself for it all," Eva wrote on her site. "I felt like the Breastfeeding Police were going to somehow know the second I made the decision and blame me for not trying hard enough, for not battling through and finding a solution."

There's this massive pressure new moms face where nursing is concerned—moms who have been questioned about whether or not they're nursing understand this all too well. Yes, breastfeeding has some incredible benefits, but here's what people forget sometimes: It's not the only good way to feed a baby, and it's not the right option in every situation.   Kudos to Eva for being brave enough to come out and share her story and we hope her admission will spark some important conversations…and maybe even lead to a greater level of acceptance for all moms, regardless of how they feed their babes.