Eva Mendes On Her Body After Baby: ‘I Don’t Need My Jeans to Fit’

Mrs. Ryan Gosling totally has her priorities in check. And we love her for it.

Let's be real about one thing: Realizing your favorite jeans won't button after you give birth is a tough experience for even the most body-confident women. But ultimately, focusing on all the amazing ways motherhood changes your life is a great way to put the ways it changes your body into perspective. It has to be incredibly hard to reach this acceptance when you're part of an industry that's constantly glorifying women who "bounce back" in record time...but somehow Eva Mendes manages to have an incredibly inspiring attitude towards her post-baby body.

The actress opened up to Extra about her secret to looking so phenomenal after having two children with Ryan Gosling. “I just don't put a lot of pressure on myself. I try to take care of myself as far as eating right and things like that, but especially so soon after a baby, I'm like, ‘It's okay, I don't need to fit into my jeans for a while, I'm all right.' Maybe if I never fit into my original jeans, it’s fine, it's all good," she said.

We love this outlook. First of all, it's so wonderful that Eva knows that your pant size should never define you. Changing shape over the years is totally natural, especially when pregnancy is involved. On the other hand, we also applaud Eva for "taking care of herself." Eating well and exrcising often is so important, especially for new moms. It's great that she's found that elusive balance between self-acceptance and self-care.

Eva isn't the only celebrity mom who is vocal about her refusal to obsess over her postpartum body. Blake Lively, Anne Hathaway and Liv Tyler are just a few of the other Hollywood moms who have spoken out about the unfair pressures new moms face where losing baby weight is concerned. 

How do you feel about what Eva has to say? Did you struggle to come to terms with your post-baby body?