Fierce Mama Brie Bella Has 'Zero Shame' in Her Postpartum Body

Brie Bella shared a selfie of her postpartum body, and we're loving her honest, refreshing outlook towards those physical changes.

Have you ever watched a movie or TV show and wondered how the pregnant character looks...decidedly not pregnant as soon as she pops out her baby? Yeah, it doesn't quite happen like that in real life. Many women are shocked when they give birth and see that they still look like they're rocking baby bumps—even the most toned, fit women among us experience this, and it's totally natural. 

The good news? More and more mamas are getting real about what a new mother really looks like. Enter Brie Bella, who just welcomed her gorgeous daughter, Birdie. The former Fit Pregnancy and Baby cover girl just shared a selfie of her post-baby body and a message to reflect the seriously refreshing outlook she has towards it. 

"17 days since I've given birth and I have zero shame in my postpartum belly!! Graced with some stretch marks and 20 more pounds to lose I'm finally able to start a little cardio," she wrote alongside the selfie, which features the Total Divas star lifting her shirt to reveal her stomach.

And why should she feel any shame? Brie grew a whole person in there, and she (along with every other mom out there!) deserves to give her body the time and love it requires to heal from such a difficult event. Shame shouldn't factor into that equation. 

Fans are cheering Brie on for posting such a raw look at her body's changes. "God Bless You for sharing this. So many of us struggle with our post baby bod, you are embracing it and sharing with the world. An amazing role model Brie, a whole new meaning to #briemode," one follower commented. "I love this! As mothers we don't see celebrities struggle just as we do! Thanks for being so real," another added.

These women brought up some great points: How often do we really see such an unfiltered look at a new mom's body? While every woman's body is her own business, we believe that mamas deserve to know what they can really expect after delivering their babies. Fellow Fit Pregnancy and Baby cover girl Peta Murgatoryd admitted that she was shocked when she realized her own baby bump didn't completely deflate after she welcomed her son—and we can totally understand why, since there's this crazy idea that moms need to bounce back to pre-baby shape overnight. The reality? Pregnancy does some crazy things to your body, and those changes don't just vanish as soon as it's over. Ultimately, all we can do is listen to our bodies, show ourselves some kindness, establish healthy habits and give the whole process time—and we can look to women like Brie for inspiration while doing so.