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TV'’s Christa Miller Lawrence on baby No. 2

Television viewers know Christa Miller Lawrence for her portrayal of Kate, the quintessential Midwestern gal pal on ABC’s The Drew Carey Show. Lately, she’s had a recurring role on the NBC sitcom Scrubs as Jordan Sullivan, the love-to-hate-her femme fatale. She and husband Bill Lawrence, executive producer of Scrubs, have a daughter, Charlotte, 21¼2. We spoke to Miller Lawrence, 37, when she was seven months pregnant with the couple’s second child.

Fit Pregnancy: Boy or girl this time?

Christa Miller Lawrence: I don’t know.

Did you decide to be surprised with the first one, too?

Yep. It is so fun when you go into labor and don’t know what you are having.

How is this pregnancy different from your first?

Time seems to pass faster because you’re not poring over What to Expect When You’re Expecting. I know what to expect, so things aren’t so … tragic. With Charlotte, I couldn’t ever sleep. And I had to pee every hour. With this baby, I can’t breathe. It feels like this baby is sitting high up.

You lettered in four sports in high school. How do you negotiate exercise when you’re expecting?

My husband and I usually play on a Sunday softball league, and I miss that. I try to exercise at something every day, whether it’s the treadmill, elliptical machine, yoga or resistance training with my trainer. Right now, I’m still working on Scrubs, and I go up and down the stairs there.

It’s funny watching you play this evil character when many of us know you as good-girl Kate on Drew Carey.

Keep in mind that my husband writes Jordan’s lines. Every time I say something stupid, he puts it in the script.

Do you ever say, “C’mon, we can’t put that in there ...”?

We had a big fight over the episode where my character comes back pregnant and tries to seduce her ex-husband, Dr. Cox [John C. McGinley]. Bill had written one scene where the camera would shoot my butt. I called him and said, “You are not shooting my pregnant butt on television.” He said, “Oh, yes, I am.” He told me that any actress would do that scene, so Heather Locklear, who was guest-starring in the episode, got on the phone and said, “I wouldn’t do it. You wouldn’t shoot my pregnant butt.”

Some pregnant women feel so sexy. How about you?

Not so much with the sexy. I cherish the time being pregnant. I love Charlotte so much and I am so, so grateful because I know people who have problems getting pregnant. We were able to get pregnant, and this baby is healthy—so far, so good. That’s more what I feel: really lucky.