Here's Additional Proof That John Legend and Chrissy Are #ParentGoals

Everyone's favorite Hollywood couple just won't stop giving the people reasons to believe they have the whole family thing down to a science. Case in point: The sexy way they spent their first Valentine's Day as parents.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend at the Grammy's Steve Granitz/Getty Images
If we had a dollar for every time we've seen the hashtag #goals in the comments section of one of Chrissy Teigen or John Legend's social media posts, we could probably afford to live as lavishly as the famous couple (well, maybe for like a day). But there's a reason followers everywhere admire the couple—they've been parents for less than a year, but they've already proved time and time again that they've mastered the art of keeping their relationship rock solid even with all the new challenges parenthood has undoubtedly thrown their way.

Take, for example, their recent Valentine's Day video for LOVE Magazine: The couple starred in a cheeky holiday-themed visual set to John's own hit, "Ordinary People." The video is all kinds of amazing—these two crazy kids are just so obviously in love (can we talk about the way he looks at her, though?) and clearly don't take themselves or their relationship too seriously.

But there's more to it than that: We hear so much about how having kids can take a toll on a relationship, and there's definitely something to that. With that being said, John and Chrissy prove it's possible to keep that sexy, romantic, fun magic even when you're no longer a family of two. And that's incredibly refreshing.

As if that weren't enough, John also made another admission about the couple's fertility struggles, and that's really important as well. "We want to have more [children]... We had a hard time doing it ourselves, so we got some help. It resulted in Luna and hopefully it will result in a couple more kids in the future," he told E! News.

Both he and Chrissy have been forthcoming about the fact that they had a hard time getting pregnant and turned to IVF to help them conceive—but it always matters when an influential person is willing to open up about topics like these. It helps couples everywhere who are grappling with the same issue feel less alone.

There's no doubt about it: While John and Chrissy have (more than) their fair share of haters, you can't deny that these two always keep it real, or that their connection is anything less than goal-worthy. That doesn't mean it's always easy—we can only imagine that their fertility struggles did a number on their relationship, and we can say with relative certainty that they had to work harder to keep the romance alive after baby Luna was born. The good news? If this look at their first Valentine's Day as parents is any indication, it's totally possible to keep that chemistry sizzling even when you had a baby into the mix. And that, like the Hallmark holiday of the moment, is worth celebrating. 

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