Here's How Ivanka Trump Got That Post-Baby Body

The mom of three talks diet and exercise. 

Ivanka Trump looks incredible just four months after welcoming her third child, Theodore, with husband Jared Kushner. This is no easy feat for any woman, and when you consider that Ivanka is handling her duties as a mom while juggling her busy entrepreneurial career and playing a crucial role in her father's presidential campaign, it's even more impressive.

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Ivanka opened up to People about bouncing back after delivery, saying, “I find that in the absence of exercise, I have to be more mindful about what I eat and my diet, especially now that I just had a baby and [am] trying to sort of get back to where I was before Theodore was born,” the 34-year-old mother said. “So I’m being not perfect but definitely more cognizant than I normally am about the foods that I’m consuming.”

And while fitness has always been important to her, she's finding that eating well can work wonders on its own. “For me, at the end of the day, exercise is more about how I physically feel and it’s giving me clarity of mind, and diet has more of a direct impact on my actual weight,” she said.

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When she needs a break from her busy life, though, there's one workout—and workout partner—that does the trick. "I like to run with my husband," Ivanka revealed. "It’s something we started doing around a year and a half ago when my team at my fashion brand all decided collectively we would train for a half marathon. I had never run like a half mile in my life, so this was a very daunting experience. But in addition to having an amazing time with the incredible women that work for me, I also picked up a running bug—like I really actually rather enjoy it. So I go out with my husband every Saturday morning—we’ll run for an hour and we’ll just chat. It’s an amazing time for the two of us as well.”