Hilaria Baldwin Shows Us How to Fit In a Prenatal Workout ANYWHERE

Want to know how Hilaria Baldwin stays so crazy fit while she's pregnant? Catch a glimpse of her unconventional routine right here.

When it comes to pregnancy, Hilaria Baldwin is a lot like the rest of us: She knows firsthand that babies don't always arrive right on schedule. She battles morning sickness. She overindulges thanks to pregnancy cravings. But here's the thing: As relatable as she is, Hilaria is also preternaturally fit and manages to remain that way throughout her pregnancies—and there's a lot we can learn from her in that respect.

The gorgeous mother (who also happens to be a Fit Pregnancy And Baby cover girl!) is expecting her third child with husband Alec Baldwin in mid-September. By now she has her prenatal workouts down to a science, which is why we were so excited when she shared a glimpse of her go-to routine on her Instagram feed. 

The yoga lover stretches casually on a coffee table while demonstrating the safe, effective moves she employs to stay in such amazing shape. She also happens to be wearing a dress while getting her workout in—but we suspect this will work just as well should you choose to try it while wearing your trusty yoga pants. 

"I try to really focus on my arms and my legs while pregnant...well any time, but I can't do core work now!" she explains in the caption field of the video.

While we always suggest speaking with your doctor before attempting any kind of exercise while pregnant, we love the idea of incorporating Hilaria's go-to moves for a quick burst of low-impact strengthening. 

We won't judge you if you decide to do this one on the floor like a mere mortal, though!