Holly Madison in No Rush to Lose Baby Weight: ‘I Don’t Feel the Pressure’

The reality star and former Playboy Bunny has an admirably chilled out approach to her postpartum body: "I’m just going to get healthy," she says.

Holly Madison pregnant in 2016 Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock.com
Yet another celebrity mom has shared her body-positive philosophy and we're into it. Holly Madison recently shared that she won't put any pressure on herself to drop her baby weight in record time, and her views are so refreshing.

Celebrities notoriously snap back to pre-pregnancy form almost instantly after they give birth—but the truth is, it's natural for weight that took 40 or so weeks to come to take a few months (or more!) to come off, and Holly (who just welcomed her second child, Forest) understands that. 

“I’m going to get healthy, but I’m not going to focus on how fast I’m losing weight. I don’t have a time limit," Holly told PEOPLE. The former Girls Next Door star gained 60 pounds during the pregnancy.

Holly admitted that she didn't always make the healthiest choices while she was pregnant. "I was eating junk food and ordering a lot of Postmates. I spent more on Postmates than I did on groceries! I was vaguely nauseous and the thought of greens grossed me out,” she said “I was a Shakey’s Pizza regular!”

We can definitely understand this: It's so important to maintain a healthy diet during pregnancy, but between incessant cravings and morning sickness, it can also be really hard to pass on the comfort food. Sometimes all a preggo can stomach is pizza and ice cream. The bottom line? We love that Holly's focus right now is on getting healthy—not on the number on the scale.

Holly, who also has a three-year-old daughter, Rainbow, with husband Pasquale Rotella, shared that she uses a certain celebrity-loved tool to make her feel more comfortable in her post-baby body—and more recently, she told PEOPLE she relies on "tight undergarments and smoke and mirrors" to look and feel her best. We say do whatever makes you feel good!