Hollywood Pregnancy

Celebrities only seem to breeze through pregnancy. Don't hate them. Instead, learn from some star moms and the professionals they rely on to make it all look easy.


Seven months into my first pregnancy, I’m feeling pretty proud of the efforts I’ve been making to take good care of myself. Not that I had any truly horrible habits before or anything. It’s just that I’m being more diligent about all my “regimens” so I can look and feel my best.

I’ve been trying to eat right (fewer cupcakes, more leafy green things) and exercise daily (who’d have thought I’d find myself sporting a bathing cap and doing water aerobics with a group of enthusiastic seniors!). I’ve even committed to washing and moisturizing my face every single night—no matter how tired I am. All reasons to reach around and give myself frequent pats on the back.

But I live and work in Hollywood, which means I occasionally find myself subject to gnawing bouts of envy. In such moments, my well-deserved pride fades, and suddenly all I’m wishing is that I could be just a little more … well … Hollywood Pregnant. Surely you know what I’m talking about. It’s everywhere these days—geography has nothing to do with it. You pretty much can’t pick up a magazine or flip on the TV without encountering it.

The Hollywood Pregnant woman is tanned, toned and fit as a fiddle—save for a perfect little orb of a belly. The Hollywood Pregnant woman beams from magazine pages looking ultra-adorable in bump-hugging little dresses. And the Hollywood Pregnant woman positively glows. Nothing on her person is puffy, swollen, saggy or veiny. There’s no trace of dry skin, stretch marks or even signs of fatigue. Not only does this lass seem to breeze through pregnancy issue-free, but after delivery she seems to magically morph back into a hard-bodied hottie overnight.

And though I live among it, I feel worlds away from Hollywood Pregnant. In fact, these women seem to be a different species entirely. See, while I’m doing an admirable job taking care of my body, I can’t really say I look or feel “fit as a fiddle”—not with that inner-tube-aroundthe-torso phenomenon that started in week six. All two of my maternity “outfits” feature sweatpants on the bottom half. And about that glow … well, all I’ve noticed is that the hormones have been making me extra sweaty.

But the other day, as I sat in my OB’s waiting room idly flipping through magazines and watching pregnant women come and go, I got to thinking: These Hollywood goddesses may appear picture-perfect on the outside, but expecting a baby must sometimes be hard for them, too. Granted, many have “people”—trainers, nutritionists, stylists—but when it comes down to it, our pre- and postbaby bodies all go through the same things. Surely even celebs are subject to morning sickness, fatigue, insane cravings and weight gain. And hemorrhoids!

So how do these women cope with problems not even money and fame can solve? What are their tricks that we “regular” women can replicate—on a realistic budget? In this issue, we learn about some celebs’ favorite prenatal and postpartum exercises, beauty products for pregnancy, baby gear and more. We also hear from top trainers as well as maternity-clothing and nursery designers.

Frankly, I’m eager to get some tips from these seemingly miraculous moms and the pros who make it all look so easy. Because ultimately, of course, these women are really not a different species. Nor are they magical. In the end, they are … well … just us. And we are them. And, it just kind of tickles me that ultimately the whole lot of us are along for the same wild and wonderful ride.

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