How Casey Wilson Fought Morning Sickness

Casey Wilson, star of Marry Me, battled a rough case of morning sickness throughout her early pregnancy, but she still kept a smile on her face. Here's her secret

How Casey Wilson Fought Morning Sickness Nino Munoz

When Casey Wilson and husband David Caspe, creator of Happy Endings and Marry Me, decided to try for a child together, they didn't have to try very long. "We were lucky and blessed enough to get pregnant the first time we tried," she said in an exclusive interview with Fit Pregnancy. "I thought it would take much longer."

But soon into her pregnancy—her son is due this spring—the actress was rocked by a bout of morning sickness that she struggled to shake. "I just felt sick all day every day and night," she remembered. "I felt very happy and very positive and I felt flooded with really good hormones, but I wasn't feeling well, physically. I was working 14-hour days and I think that didn't help me."

Getting hit so hard like this left Wilson wondering if she would ever feel better. "I was terrified. Everyone kept saying just give it one more week, at the end of this week you're going to be feeling great and that week would come and go and I was like I'm still not feeling better."

Thankfully, week 16 of her pregnancy rolled along and "it just lifted and I felt like a human being again", Wilson said.

But just how did she cope with feeling so ill for her first four months of pregnancy, all while shooting a hit TV show? "It's very hard," she admitted. "I didn't totally expect that, to be honest. Just how tired you are, how sick you could feel."

The comedian's ability to always find a silver lining meant there was a bright side to the rough patch: "I felt like all my existential anxieties and worries were completely gone, because I just was like, 'I feel sick, I'm eating, I'm going to work, I'm going to bed.' It was kind of actually nice. I wasn't thinking like, 'Did I make sure to email that person?'"

Overall, she's still feeling happy in her pregnant self. "I feel a really nice sense of wellness," she commented, "which I felt even through when I was feeling sick."

Here are a few things that helped Wilson get through tougher times of her pregnancy:

Gentle exercise

A friend told Wilson to download the Nike+ Running app and use it to just walk an hour a day, and she hasn't looked back. "[An hour can seem like] a really long time, but it feels so good to get your body moving no matter how sick you feel," she says.

Acupuncture and acupressure

When she was holed up with morning sickness in her first weeks of pregnancy, Wilson's girlfriends sent her acupressure wristbands to help curb the nausea. "I got like 100 of those because they knew I was a little MIA with sickness," she says, and "they really did help me." Alongside the bracelets, she had regular acupuncture treatments to help further relieve the symptoms.


Giving herself a little TLC was top of the list of tricks to help Wilson feel better. "I've gotten some pregnancy massages, those were amazing," she says. "I've also been trying to go back to some basics, like reading a nice book, drinking lemonade and taking a bath everyday."

A regular beauty treatment

Throughout her pregnancy, Wilson has been staying glamorous by getting her nails done every week. "I feel better looking a little more put together," she says. "It helps me."

Keeping perspective

The best advice Wilson got when she was feeling her worst was to stay positive: "It's all going to be worth it. You're not going to remember this time when you have your baby."