How a "DWTS" Alum Shapes Up After Childbirth

Kristin Cavallari, our April/May cover star, tells us how she plans to shape up after pregnancy.

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Kristin's Fit Fixes

Right after the post-birth euphoria comes the stressors of new motherhood: lack of sleep, breastfeeding challenges, and plotting your postpartum exercise plan.

Not to fear. Getting back in shape is easier than you think. Just ask Kristin Cavallari, our April/May cover star (shown here before the birth of her first son), who, with a little bit of patience, bounced back from her first pregnancy without a sweat. (OK OK, maybe some sweat). Here's how she plans to shape up after delivering her second baby.

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Be Patient

It took Kristin three months to lose the weight from her first pregnancy, and five months to "feel good in [her] skin." "You just need to know it's going to take some time," she says.

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Walk it Off

Start easy—there's no need to pound the pavement right away. (We're looking at you, sprinters.) After her first birth, Kristin walked on an incline on the treadmill.

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Lift Light Weights

Even if you lifted heavier weights before pregnancy, keep it light to avoid injury. "I lifted light weights to get back in shape, but nothing crazy," says Kristin.

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Take a Pilates Class

Want to get your abs back without crunches? (Don't we all?) Try Pilates. "I really like Pilates for my core," says Kristin, who plans to start private lessons twice a week when she's ready to start her postnatal exercise plan.

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Cut Alcohol

Alcohol's a no-no anyway (if you're breastfeeding), but cutting cocktails also Kristin's go-to weight loss trick. "That's what I always do when I want to lose a couple of pounds," she explains.

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Kristin plans to use one of the many benefits of breastfeeding to her advantage: it burns calories. "I plan to breastfeed, so I have that on my side [in terms of weight loss]."

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Join a Gym

Kristin's been working out at home during pregnancy, but plans to hit the gym post-baby. "I work out a little harder with other people around," she explains.

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Have Fun

The former Dancing with the Stars contestant says she wants to take her husband salsa dancing. We say: Spending time with your partner and sneaking in a workout? Now that's a reason to hire a babysitter.

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