How Opening up About Miscarriage Helped Nancy Kerrigan Heal

Nancy Kerrigan opened up about her multiple miscarriages on a recent episode of Dancing With the Stars—and talking about the issue helped her a really important way.

Miscarriages are always devastating, but here's something many women who are familiar with the issue believe: Talking about it can help moms get through the heartbreaking experience and help other miscarriage sufferers heal.

It's been years since Nancy Kerrigan faced her own battle with miscarriage, but anyone who watched last week's episode of Dancing With the Stars could see the pain of the experience is still very much present for the mother of three. The Olympian opened up about the six miscarriages she suffered after welcoming her firstborn, Matthew—and though she was visibly emotional while doing so, talking about the issue ushered in something incredibly positive. 

“It was amazing,” Nancy told PEOPLE of opening up about her miscarriages. “I think it’s great to be able to open something up for someone else...It’s something you didn’t talk about [in the nineties]. People didn’t talk about miscarriages, so I felt very alone. I think talking about any issue makes things less stressful. It helps you to realize you’re not the only one and that other people go through the same things.”

It's so true: More and more couples are sharing the raw details of their experiences these days. While the topic of miscarriage was rarely discussed 20 or so years ago, it's now considered acceptable (and admirable!) for people to illuminate the issue, and that's such a powerful thing. Nancy admitted she felt guilty and "like a failure" when she experienced these miscarriages, and we can only hope the new sense of community she gained helped her realize she wasn't to blame.

Her admission may have come long after the fact, but it still matters in a major way. There's no right or wrong time to discuss your most personal experiences—and if Nancy's story is any indication, it's never to late to feel the cathartic power of telling your story.