Internet Troll Shames Chrissy Teigen for Holding Baby the 'Wrong' Way

Chrissy Teigen came under fire for holding her baby the "wrong" way in a photo. But true to form, Luna's mom fired back in epic fashion.

Another day, another story of mom shaming. This time, Chrissy Teigen is the victim—and because Chrissy just might the most refreshingly outspoken pregnant celebrity out there, the comeback she served up was equally scathing (but so well deserved!)

It all started when a social media user shared a photo of Chrissy holding her six-month-old daughter, Luna, along with a critical comment: "This is not how a baby is held," the user wrote. How did Chrissy reply, you ask? With the following gem: "really because that's how I'm f***ing holding her."

But the drama didn't end there. Another user chimed in to liken the way Chrissy held her child to the way someone should hold a handbag. We don't really see the connection—and apparently, neither does Chrissy. "[W]ell you hold your handbag like a f***ing idiot then," she replied.

It seems as though Chrissy was shielding her baby from the paparazzi's cameras when the photo was taken, and that's a real issue famous people face. It's only natural to try and protect your child from harsh, glaring flashes and unwanted attention. Chrissy also pointed out that just because a camera happened to catch her holding Luna in a certain way, it doesn't necessarily mean the baby was in that position for longer than a split second. "Photos are literally split-second moments in time that evolve. I despise mommy shamers. I am a proud shamer of mommy shamers," she wrote.

We can't even imagine how frustrating it must be to have people slamming your every move, not to mention fielding the incessant invasion of privacy celebs face on a daily basis. Parenting is such a personal thing—and just because you live your life in the spotlight, that doesn't give anyone the right to shame or slam the way you raise your child. It's not just moms who are targets for shamers—remember when Ryan Reynolds was shamed for holding his daughter the wrong way in her baby carrier? The point is, all parents make mistakes. There's no need to spew hate or comment on how someone else is doing the parenting thing.