Is Katherine Heigl the Most Candid Preggo Celeb?

Cravings, mood swings, "advanced maternal age"—we're loving her honesty!

Katherine Heigl Baby Bump JB Lacroix/Getty Images

It stands to reason that the star of Knocked Up, a movie that offered up an unvarnished look at what unexpected pregnancy is really like, is completely relatable when she talks about her first real-life pregnancy. Sure, pregnancy is a magical time—but don't you just roll your eyes the tiniest bit when someone completely neglects to mention the unglamorous side of it? Don't you ever just wish a woman would be straight up about the fact that pregnancy can do some wild, wacky things to you?

If so, meet Katherine Heigl, teller of pregnancy truths. The actress, and mom to daughters Naleigh and Adalaide whom she welcomed via adoption, has released a string of gloriously honest quotes about the experience—from the intensity of pastry cravings to the fact that she's not exactly within the age range where women are their most fertile—she just does not hold back. And it's wonderful.

"The sugar thing has been really bad, and I'm not generally a sugar person," Katherine told E! News of her pregnancy cravings. "I mean, on occasion I'll have dessert, but every day—I mean, if you put a cinnamon roll in front of me, it could get ugly."

There's another sugary treat that calls out to Katherine. "Donuts," she said. "I don't know if you've been on sets much but they always have craft service and they have, like, three boxes of donuts every day. I just try to take a bite or two or six."

As for her hormones, Katherine admits husband Josh Kelley is pretty much a saint. "He's just surrounded by women," she opened up. "It's me, [our] two girls, and also my niece, Madison, lives with us in Utah and she's a 14-year-old girl. And then my mom—my mom and I are so close and partners, too, in business, so she's always around. Poor [Josh]. He's literally surrounded by women. He has been wonderful [though]. The other day I came home to a bouquet of flowers and a really sweet note from the kids that I'm sure he made them write. The other morning he brought me coffee with my breakfast as I was trying to get ready to run to work early. I think he's mostly like, 'What can I do?' Because I'm pregnant and hormonal and nothing is good enough."

We knew from the minute Katherine announced her pregnancy that she'd be super honest about the journey—after all, she did talk all about her "advanced maternal age" at length, and we say keep the truth bombs coming, girl!