Is This Supermodel 'Too Thin' After Baby? That's None of Our Business

Natalia Vodianova's fans are expressing concern over the model's tiny frame just two months after having a baby. But is it ever okay to comment on a new mom's body?

Supermodel and mother of five Natalia Vodianova is the most recent mom to come under fire for the way her postpartum body looks—but this new mom isn't being shamed for not dropping her baby weight fast enough. Instead, some fans are saying that she looks unhealthily skinny just two months after delivering her son, Roman.

It all started when Vodianova shared a photo posing in a metallic one-piece swimsuit on her Instagram feed, along with a caption written in Russian that appears to translate to "in the photo with your best friends." Russian tabloid Komsolomskaya Pravda then ran the photo of the 34-year-old alongside an article about her "unbelievably delicate figure." 

"Such speedy weight loss got her fans worried, with some of them asking Natalia in comments to the shot if her health was okay," the paper wrote, according to Daily Mail. "The way she lost weight looks very radical, it appears she is thinner now than she was before getting pregnant."

But according to Daily Mail, comments on the photo were less than friendly. The model's followers attacked her weight on the social media platform, with comments along the lines of "Too thin. Your body looks like it dried after giving birth."

There's no doubt about it: Vodinova looks incredibly svelte—but let's not forget that she's a model and is, by her own admission, "genetically blessed" with a fast metabolism. We're of the opinion that it's never okay to body shame a woman, ever, but especially not one who has just given birth. Is Vodianova healthy? We have no way of knowing. Every woman's body is different and weight isn't always an accurate indicator of health. But as long as she's taking care of herself and her children in a way that works for her family, we say that it's her body and her life. Skinny-shaming is not cool and this gorgeous woman doesn't deserve that kind of hate.