Ivanka's Mommy Musts

From healthy bites to children's books, Ivanka Trump shares her favorites.

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I make kale chips. I toss kale leaves with salt and pepper and olive oil. Then I roast them at 400° F for about 20 minutes.

Skin care:

Beauty is another area I go organic during pregnancy. I use a lot of Tammy Fender products. They're all organic and her creams have rich texture.


So many organic diapers are brown; they look like recycled paper, not what you want to put on your cute baby! Jessica Alba's The Honest Company makes the cutest organic diapers that really work.


I love the Baby Jogger City Mini because you can collapse it with one hand!


Your Baby's First Year from the American Academy of Pediatrics covers everything from medical questions to how to swaddle, and it's a great reference to have on hand. I also like Bright From the Start, Your Child at Play: Birth to One Year and Mind in the Making. As for Arabella, one of the first books she loved was Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? She also likes The Giving Tree, but I couldn't make it through the first three times I tried to read it to her because I was literally crying too hard. I dare you to read The Giving Tree and not cry!

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