Jaime Pressly Talks Twin Pregnancy, Cravings and Extreme Exhaustion

Ten years after welcoming her first child, Mom actress Jaime Pressly is pregnant with twins. She tells all about twin pregnancy and her stay-fit secret. 

Jaime Pressly is expecting twin boys! The actress, who is a mom to son Dezi, spoke to Fit Pregnancy about what it's really like to carry twins at 39.

Q: What’s the biggest difference between this one and your first?

"I’m 10 years older, so there’s that. You know, when you’re 29 you’re a lot [spryer] than you are at 39. But I have to say, compared to what a lot of women go through, I haven’t been terribly ill or anything. The first trimester was a lot [harder] for me than it was with my first pregnancy. My first pregnancy I was working on My Name is Earl and I had a lot of love and support on that show. I dealt with fatigue, but not that much. I mean, like I said I was 10 years younger, so I had a lot more energy. [This time] we finished the season of Mom when I was seven weeks pregnant and no one knew that I was pregnant yet. I was lucky that I hadn’t hit the rough part in my first trimester. The fatigue was something I can’t even explain. It was beyond exhausting. I’m in the second trimester now and I’ve got my energy back as much as I think I’m going to get back and I’m doing good."

Q: How did you find out you were pregnant?

"I had a feeling, as we women do. On the way home from work on the set of Mom one day I stopped at a drug store and I grabbed a ClearBlue pregnancy test, the one that literally says 'pregnant' or 'not'. This time I really needed to be sure, because we’d been trying for so long, the lines weren’t going to do it, you know? I came home, took the test and it said 'pregnant'. Seeing that word is quite shocking whether you’re expecting to see it or wanting to see it or not. I sent [my partner] Hamzi [Hijazi] to the store to get like five more. I took them all, of course, we just had them lined up and we were staring at the word ‘pregnant’ on every test. We had kind of stopped trying so hard, thinking that we were probably going to have to do IVF, and I had kind of made my peace with that. We were very blessed and fortunate and didn’t have to do that. The biggest shock of all was probably when we went to the first doctor’s appointment and saw that there were two, not one."

Q: What surprised you the most about pregnant with twins vs. being pregnant with a single baby?

"Being pregnant with twins at all, because they don’t run in either side of my family, was the biggest shock to me. But I mean, I think the exhaustion was way more than it was with one baby. Just in general, when you find out you’re pregnant with twins and they don’t run on either side of the family and it’s something you’ve ever expected. Like I said, we didn’t do IVF and a lot of twins are coming from IVF. It was completely out of the blue."

Q: Have you had any really strange cravings?

"They’ve been pretty standard. I’m pregnant with two boys and the cravings are very similar to the ones I had when I was pregnant with my son Dezi. Lots of protein, meat and cheese. Burgers are my thing. I’m trying to not eat as many Double Doubles as I did when I was pregnant with Dezi, but it’s kind of hard. The temptation is there every second of the day. So lots of eggs. I love steak, hot dogs with cheese, just all kinds of things with cheese and meat."

Q: Is there anything you didn’t really enjoy eating before you got pregnant that you’re loving now?

"I don’t really have a sweet tooth—I like sweets on occasion, but I’m not really a big sweets eater and I’ve never been into candy, even when I was a kid. But if I see a cookie laying around, I can’t help but eat it now. Sweets are kind of irresistible at this point."

Q: What about fitness—what are you doing to stay healthy?

"I still go to my trainer, Mike Jones, about three or four times a week. We just make sure we’re doing a lot of resistance training. The weights I’m lifting aren’t as heavy as the ones I was doing prior to being pregnant. We’re just making sure that we’re keeping my body moving a lot. I drink a ton of water…I’ve honestly doubled the amount of water I drink, I can’t get enough of it. That will cut your body more than any exercise."

Q: What’s your secret to making it to the gym even when you’re exhausted?

"I’m not going to tell you some big story that I’ve been going the entire time. The first three months I could not get myself to go…once I started getting my energy back, that’s when I started going back to the gym. Whether you’re pregnant or not, it’s the same thing: You have to get yourself through the first initial workout and you just have to do it. I know that when I work out I’m going to feel better. Instead of going to the gym for vanity reasons, I do it for sanity reasons."

Q: How is your son, Dezi, feeling about becoming a big brother? 

"He’s more excited than anyone else. It’s been rough because that time of the month, we get bloated—or hell, if we just eat a cheeseburger, we get bloated. He would go ‘something’s in there. Are you pregnant, Mom?’ And I’m like ‘ok, seriously, don’t ever ask a woman if she’s pregnant unless she’s clearly pregnant.’” He’s been hoping and wishing and wanting it for many years…and when we told him that there were two in there, he was just beside himself...He’s going to be the perfect little baby sitter and helper, that’s for sure."