Jana Kramer Talks Touring While Pregnant: 'It's Hard!'

Country music star Jana Kramer hasn't let pregnancy slow her down one bit. So it's no surprise she plans to take her newborn on tour later this year!

Jana Kramer Talks Touring While Pregnant: 'It's Hard' Justin Coit

Two days have passed since Jana Kramer's glam night out wearing a gorgeous sequined gown to the Country Music Awards in November, and the six-month-pregnant singer doesn't even want to look at a pair of heels. The voice behind the catchy country hit "I Got the Boy" is making a pit stop on her couch to relax. Soon she'll head out for more concert dates to support her successful sophomore album, Thirty One. Though she has performed throughout her pregnancy, Kramer, 32, will hit the pause button when her tour comes to an end, about seven weeks before her due date. Dreaming about being home, cozy with her winter newborn, Kramer says, "I couldn't have timed this pregnancy any better." Here's how it has all gone down!

First weeks

Kramer and her husband, Michael Caussin, a former NFL player whom she met on Twitter ("the modern fairy tale," she jokes), tried for months to get pregnant. So when she got her positive news, it was hard not to immediately tell the world. Further complicating the first trimester, Kramer began getting what she calls "all-day sickness." She says, "People were calling my management, telling them I was drunk because I was throwing up before and after shows!" She laughs about it now, but unfortunately, her morning sickness hasn't ended. "I'm one of the ones who has it for all of her pregnancy," says Kramer, who's been living on bland foods like cereal.

The big reveal

Once she shared her pregnancy news, Kramer couldn't wait to find out the baby's sex. "Michael and I are really bad about keeping surprises. We'll buy each other things for holidays, then just give them to each other in advance," says the former actress, who had memorable roles on Friday Night Lights and One Tree Hill. For the gender-reveal party, "I had the nurse call my best friend to give her the news," Kramer says. "Then we invited friends and family over, and handed out water guns my friend had filled with paint. No one but she knew whether the paint was pink or blue." The couple both wore white tees, and the paint started flying. "It was such a sweet moment when everyone we loved found out we were having a daughter," she says.

Growing trend

Since then, Kramer says, her body's transformation has left her wowed. "I wasn't sure how I'd look as I got bigger, but pregnancy makes me feel so pretty," she says. As Kramer has been filling out ("like I swallowed a watermelon"), her hubby has too. "Michael says he's put on eight pounds of sympathy weight, but I think it's more like ten," says the singer, who posted pics from her walks and workouts on Instagram.

Song bird

Kramer's album came out during her pregnancy, and she never stopped performing. "It's hard, but I've just had to suck it up," she says with a laugh. And she'll do it again soon after her daughter's birth. "I've told my management that six weeks after the baby is born, I'll be ready to go back on the road. Mama's gotta work." In the meantime, Kramer is taking her friends' advice of "not listening to anyone else's advice." She knows she has a lot to figure out. Says Kramer, "I just hope my daughter forgives me for all the things I get wrong along the way!"