Jason Biggs: "You Transform Completely"

The actor discusses the wonders of new parenthood.

Jason Biggs Eating For Two

"Almost every move I make, every thought I think, I do with my son in mind. My wife Jenny [Mollen] and I have this wonderful sense of teamwork now. We're working together toward a common goal: to love and care for our child in the very best way.

Jenny and I rely on each other more, and I feel a greater connection to her than ever before. We were married for a while [prior to becoming parents] and being able to grow as a couple and learn about each other and ourselves before we had our baby made us more appreciative of the pregnancy, if not more prepared for it. There's really only so much preparation you can do. And now, I am in complete awe of my wife. She is my hero. She's fearless, calm and loving when taking care of our son, which has been incredible to watch. And it happened overnight! She was completely transformed. It's amazing."