Jenna Dewan-Tatum at Her Natural Health Cover Shoot

'Witches of East End' star Jenna Dewan-Tatum opens up about staying grounded, eating kindly and living out her life’s true purpose.


I kind Jenin and Tatum look into my cutters you sport natural health to a this is such an exciting opportunity for need to be on the cover mountain house because I like to inspire people. To eat better and to live healthier in their online so in every way this is just a really fun perfect opportunity that's coming out. I became passionate an interesting animal rights really early on I think it is 910 years old I didn't understand and eating me politely deep this isn't I this is leaving it and we lived up to some problems. I didn't mean as I got older it's been about more and more involved I wanted to become a Peta members to see. I just tried it like in every way and they loved animals that wanted to help them going to set six weeks after millions more and I really tried to eat well I really didn't mean it's the hardest time PP well because you're so tired I was nursing hungry all the time was really about getting on a routine is getting a lot of Allen's meals sell I look back on that timing is how I did it by. I think that actually the greens movies and they healthy snacks probably went a long way for me. There is a time at least in the going radiant it because I am being very diligent about getting good things in the in the greens believe anything when every morning and get the nutrition is fighting for minerals right away and I swear there restraints there and lots of them nickel you slather. Them.

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