Jennifer Love Hewitt: Counting Down to Birth

The star of Criminal Minds and a new ad campaign for stretch mark cream loves being pregnant. Weeks away from her second birth, she shares her top pregnancy tips.

Jennifer Love Hewitt: Counting Down to Birth Casey Rodgers/Invision for Palmer's/AP Images

Jennifer Love Hewitt is weeks away from becoming a mom for the second time (though she hasn't revealed her official due date, reports point to a June 2015 birth). The 36-year-old actress is also keeping hushed about her new baby's sex—since her and her co-star from The Client List hubby, Brian Hallisay, are waiting until the big day to find out. While the jury's still out on whether her 1-and-a-half-year-old daughter, Autumn, will have a little brother or sister, what is clear is how much this mama loves being pregnant. The Criminal Minds star enjoys carrying a baby so much, she's baring her pregnant belly for a new ad campaign for Palmer's stretch mark products (see the stunning photos below). used the opportunity to catch up with the mom-to-be, whom we all loved as Sarah on Party of Five, to find out how she's doing as she nears the preggo finish line.

FIT PREGNANCY: Your due date's coming up. How are you doing?

JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT: I'm feeling good. Excited.

FP: Any thoughts as to whether it'll be a boy or a girl?

JLH: I'm excited to find out!

FP: Does this pregnancy feel different to your last, with Autumn?

JLH: Different mainly because I'm chasing Autumn around the whole time. That's added a new vibe. I think every pregnancy is different because every kid is different.

FP: Do you have any tips for soon-to-be moms who also have a toddler?

JLH: It is fun; it does take your mind off the bigger changes that happen during pregnancy—to your body, emotions and hormones. If you can just really run around as much as possible, pay as much attention to the kid who is there in front of you and enjoy that time being just their parent until the new one gets there, you should.

FP: What's the best part about having a pregnant body?

JLH: As women, our whole lives we control what our weight is by what we're eating and how we're working out and what dresses we feel good in, our fat jeans and our skinny jeans. When you're pregnant there should only be one concern and that's, Am I healthy and am I doing the best job of being this kid's parent already by taking as good care of myself as possible? There's just something very freeing about that. That's why I feel really good pregnant.

FP: Do you have a pregnancy-specific beauty routine?

JLH: Nothing's that's too concrete, other than using my Palmer's, which I do in the morning and at night. It's sort of a family ritual for us: my husband and our little girl can help take care of new baby in the belly by helping me with my cocoa butter stretch mark cream. That's really the only thing that I've consistently done besides working out.

FP: So does everybody rub it on?

JLH: Yeah and I just get to reap the benefits, so it's really nice.

FP: Do you have a pregnancy fitness routine?

JLH: I've been working out five days a week. It varies depending on how I'm feeling that day. Some days I just feel like taking a walk, and will walk for like 3½ miles and get the body moving and feel good about that. On the days that I'm feeling really good, which is most of the week, I do a lot of pool and boxing workouts and sometimes I'll even box in the pool. Or I do kettle bell and band workouts in the water, which I highly recommend because it's great for swelling and for moving all that extra water you carry around. It also gives you a break for a second. It's bliss because it's the only the time you don't feel the weight of the belly. It's been really nice for me and beneficial and my doctor's a big fan of it.

FP: So hit the pool, basically?

JLH: Yes. Especially if you're pregnant in the spring and summer when it's hot. It's a really nice way to get a workout and not feel so hot.

FP: You've mentioned before that you're eating a little healthier this pregnancy. Any fave healthy foods?

JLH: I've been eating a lot of apples; I've been heavy on the protein, bananas, all good stuff that I feel like is good for the baby: salads, veggies. I really love sauerkraut this time, which is a good probiotic. There's some really great sauerkraut that's super high in the probiotics, so it's just super great for your tummy and all of that stuff.

FP: Do you have a birth plan?

JLH: I don't: Just to be healthy and get the little one here as safe and healthy as possible. I think you sort of have to go with the flow. I respect that people have a vision for the way that they want things to go and I'm pretty good at that in the rest of my life, but when it comes to getting a human being here, it just feels so much bigger than I am and so much bigger than my mind could possibly imagine, so I'm just going to go with it.

FP: Is there anything you would do differently from your birth with Autumn?

JLH: No, I don't think so. It was an awesome labor. It was long and definitely there were some hard moments where I was like, Are you kidding me, this is crazy! It was beautiful and great; she was healthy and I felt good. I couldn't really ask for more.

FP: Any plans for more kids?

JLH: I don't know. We kind of don't want to be outnumbered. We feel like two is a good way to go but if a third happens I would feel super grateful and do it all again.

FP: Any tips for first-time moms?

JLH: Start your Palmer's as soon as possible. Don't wait. As soon as you know you're pregnant and then if you have plans to have a second baby, use it the entire time in between while you're waiting to get pregnant with the next one and keep it going, because it really does make a difference. Then I would just say feel grateful and enjoy the process. It's a really, really cool thing that we get very lucky to get to do.

(Photos: Casey Rodgers/Invision for Palmer's/AP Images)