Jessa Duggar Filmed a Video of Her Second Baby's Kicks for a Really Sweet Reason

We have a mover! 19 Kids and Counting star Jessa Duggar shared a video of her unborn baby #2, who is already quite a kicker.

Jessa Duggar is set to welcome her second child in a few weeks, but she already knows one thing about the baby: The little one is a kicker! Jessa shared a video of the baby's kicks, and they're surprisingly powerful—isn't it crazy that such a tiny being could produce movements that are visible from the outside?

It's a pretty surreal experience when you first feel those little kicks coming from within you—and according to Jessa, it's as amazing even when you're well into your second pregnancy. "Just as much awe and wonder on my part as I had with Baby #1! It's amazing to see #BabySeewald2 kicking and moving around. So thankful for this precious new life!" the reality star, who has a one-year-old son with husband, Ben Seewald, captioned the photo.

Being able to feel your baby kicking is such a privilege, and it's totally natural for to-be fathers to wish they could sense it as well—that's why Jessa chose to record a video of the kicks in the first place. "I'm always wanting Ben to see baby's movements, but from his perspective they're not always super visible. I guess my viewpoint is simply the best! So I captured this for him and he was like 'Whoaaa... I see it!'" she wrote. 

Were you shocked the first time you felt your baby kick? Does your partner wish he could experience that sensation too?