Jessica Biel Shares a Crazy Time-Saving Trick for New Moms: Eating in the Shower

The actress (and wife of Justin Timberlake) takes multitasking to the next level. And while this is definitely a skill all parents should master, we have to ask...would you ever do this?

Juggling motherhood, marriage and a career is not easy. We know that, and if a recent Instagram post is any indication, so does Jessica Biel.

The celeb mom shared a sneak peek at one of the realities of her day-to-day life, and it's definitely not as glamorous as you might expect. Jessica shared a photo of her shower stall...and instead of rows of fancy products and shampoos, there's a plate, fork and coffee mug on display. "Yes. I eat in the shower. I admit it. Chicken apple sausage and espresso. Try it. I dare you. #ShowerEats," she captioned the shot.

Yes, ladies: Even Mrs. Justin Timberlake has to resort to this sort of, uh, unconventional multitasking.

Other moms are relating to Jessica's photo: "I also take my breakfast to the bathroom!! Lol #momof2," one user commented. Another offered up a suggestion: "Install two shower heads. You'll be out of the shower faster so you have time to enjoy your breakfast not soggy," she wrote.

Jessica welcomed son Silas in April 2015, and it's clear the mom has mastered the art of maximizing her time since. After all, showering and eating are pretty much the two essentials even new moms can't afford to skip—combining them is sort of genius (if you're not too squeamish to eat in the bathroom, that is!)

What do you think of this particular parenting hack? Would you try it?