John Legend Talks Parenthood: "I Want to Be a Great Dad"

The singer John Legend opened up about his baby on the way with wife Chrissy Teigen, her pregnancy and how the experience is inspiring him musically.

John Legend Talks Parenthood: "I Want to Be a Great Dad" Rena Schild/Shutterstock

It's no secret that John Legend knows how to write a song for someone he loves—after all, "All Of Me," the ballad he penned for wife Chrissy Teigen, was one of 2013's biggest songs. It's a good thing the singer is still open to drawing artistic inspiration from his personal life: The dad-to-be talked to E! News about his goals for 2016—and if what he said is any indication, we might be listening to a song about John and Chrissy's child on repeat soon.

The singer opened up about New Year's resolutions, saying he's not really one for making promises at the top of a year. "I don't really do New Year's resolutions. I do, like, 'new albums resolutions' where I focus on what I want to do for each album cycle and what I'm trying to do creatively with each album," he said. "And then in my personal life I want to be a great dad."

Legend also opened up about the relationship between his professional and personal goals. "It's already inspired me," he said of Teigen's pregnancy. "I've already got some ideas that have come to me since we got pregnant. Definitely the idea of being a father is exciting to me and it's inspiring me creatively."

He remained coy about the child's sex, saying it could be a girl or a boy. He also called pregnancy "an exciting journey," sharing that he's not nervous about becoming a father. "I hope we'll be great parents," he said. "You just try to raise kind, smart, worldly kids that, you know turn out to be good human beings. All you can do is try and set an example...and then hopefully teach them the right things."