JWoww Says She May Want to Adopt After Baby #2

Reality television star Jenni 'JWoww' Farley talks pregnancy, health, adoption, marriage and motherhood in an exclusive interview with Fit Pregnancy.

JWoww Says She May Want to Adopt After Baby #2 JWoww/Instagram

Nobody can stop Jenni 'JWoww' Farley in her tracks. This mama went from playing the tough party-girl on the Jersey Shore to transitioning beautifully into motherhood and marriage. On October 18th of this year, Jenni married her jacked hubby Roger Mathews as their 16-month-old babe Meilani (totally precious!) watched the whole thing in a pint-sized elegant dress. It was at the wedding that Jenni and Roger revealed their second pregnancy! (We know—so adorable.) Less than a month later, Jenni opens up to Fit Pregnancy about all of the good stuff goin' on—and we really couldn't be happier for her.

Fit Pregnancy: How excited are you for baby number two?

Jenni Farley: Very excited—especially knowing it's a boy! My daughter is a little princess and I was worried if I had another girl, people would compare them. Now I know I'm having boy and it eases my mind knowing that they will be different—even though I have no idea how to raise a boy.

FP: Do you think after your baby boy comes you will want another one?

JF: I am so done with pregnancy, but maybe in the near future we can adopt. Nicole [Snooki] was adopted and my mom was adopted. I've always felt a special connection to that. I would love to give a baby who needs it a nice home to come home to and be loved.

FP: Have you had any revelations about choosing a baby name?

JF: No. I will mention a name to Roger and he's like, "Yeah I kinda like it, but we have time." And I'm like, "For the love of God can you just help pick a name?!"

FP: What's your second pregnancy like? You seem to be doing A LOT. Is it easier than the first time?

JF: My first one was bad, but I was on Zofran. My doctor and I decided it was best to not take Zofran for this pregnancy because of the side effects, so this pregnancy actually feels worse. I felt okay up until my wedding, but after my wedding it took a turn for the worse—I was violently ill! I'm better now though and I don't even know what's going on with me, but I am experiencing the worst heartburn! If this is what I have to got through to have my baby, I'll deal.

FP: How do you handle feeling sick when you have such a busy schedule?

JF: I actually was experiencing sickness at night rather than in the morning. I've tried different remedies, but honestly, if I was sitting at a business dinner for Australian Gold and felt sick, I would just have to excuse myself and leave. It happened like two or three times and everyone has been very understanding.

FP: It's quite the exciting year for Meilani too! How did she handle the wedding day?

JF: There was so much going on around me during the day, so now as video footage and more photography from the wedding start to come in, I am seeing Meilani behind the scenes and realizing how perfect she is. By far one of the best surprises was seeing a photo of her looking through the window down at Roger and I.

(Photo: Instagram @RogerMathewsNJ)

FP: How will you prepare her for baby #2?

JF: Good question. Well, right now she really doesn't understand what a baby even is. I will be having two under two and it will probably have to be the day she becomes an older sister that I will start working on her dealing with having a sibling.

FP: Obviously you know what you're doing when it comes to fitness and nutrition. Can you talk a little bit about why staying in great physical shape during pregnancy is important to you?

JF: I'll never forget what one of my girls [Renee Edgar], who is married to a champion UFC fighter, said to me. "If you're going to have a cheat meal and go off of the wagon, don't do it while you're pregnant." The amount of time it took for her to go back to normal weight after all three [of her kids]? I really have to give her credit. I also don't think we give these hollywood actresses enough credit, either.

FP: How is staying fit different during your second pregnancy?

JF: I'm going into this pregnancy 10 pounds heavier than the first. It is really freaking hard and I always look to my girlfriend Renee for advice. During pregnancy, you will regret making excuses because of the extra 30-40 pounds you'll put on.

FP: What are your favorite prenatal fitness rituals?

JF: During the first trimester I am hugging the toilet and dealing with a lack of energy, so I take it easy. I also stay off of my nutrition supplements and caffeine—it's like a detox. But now, I'm ready to rock and roll!

FP: What will your fitness routine look like?

JF: I will do 45 minutes of cardio and spend 45 minutes on free weights. I love being on the gym floor with dumbbells and barbells, or doing push ups and sit ups. I love working all of the different machines for all of my body parts.

FP: What motivates you to eat healthy during pregnancy?

JF: I have to eat the healthiest for myself and for my son. Even in the past few weeks, I had pizza and burgers and I felt like sh*t. If I eat healthy and clean and drink a healthy shake in the morning, I feel great! What you put in your body makes or breaks your day, but it's more important in pregnancy because you can blow up from water-retention or preeclampsia—you can blow up without even having the extra calories! For me, it's personally very depressing and disappointing having a lot of weight to remove.

FP: What's your favorite shake to make?

JF: I am obsessed with the 310 Nutrition vegan chocolate shake and I blend it with banana, ice and chocolate almond milk. It's all natural and plant-based. Delicious.

FP: What's one of your worst cravings? How do you handle cravings?

JF: If I have a super craving like when it feels like I can devour a whole cheesecake, I will drink a shake first and it fills me up. Then I might treat myself to a little piece. If I have some type of sweet without the shake, I might take one or two pieces. If I have a shake first, I might only want half!

(Photo: Instagram @RogerMathewsNJ)

FP: So even though you're not a huge fan of being pregnant, what's your favorite part?

JF: Definitely when the baby starts kicking every night. I haven't felt kicks with this pregnancy yet, but with Meilani it was almost like she was playing. Even though it hurts sometimes, I love it.

FP: How has having children changed the dynamic between you and Roger?

JF: It's weird. Since we've been married and had Meilani, the relationship couldn't be stronger.

FP: As newlyweds, how do you and Roger keep the relationship strong when there is so much going on?

JF: Roger has been awesome. Since we are married now, we really have to communicate. He reminds me to not get agitated and talk about everything.

FP: It sounds like Roger is pretty supportive.

JF: That to me is awesome—he takes it seriously, and he takes the vows seriously. It's all about communication. It's about being open and honest with your loved one and making sure that they feel wanted and loved...and heard. It's funny to see this transition and how amazing it has been.

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