Kanye Throws Kim Kardashian a Pregnancy Birthday Party

Kanye West decided to throw Kim Kardashian a pregnancy-themed birthday party, where guests were asked to wear fake bumps. Yup, sounds about right for them.

Kanye Throws Kim Kardashian a Pregnancy Birthday Party Donato Sardella/Getty Images

So, if you happened to be pregnant on your birthday, how would you want to spend your day? The first things that come to our mind (in no particular order): napping, double-chocolate-something-with-double-chocolate-again, uninterrupted Netflix binging and at least a few hundred dollars to drop on baby clothes that we (definitely) don't need.

Unfortunately, that's not quite what Kanye West had in mind for his pregnant wife, Kim Kardashian West.

Instead, he rented out a luxury movie theater for Kim's guests, as they arrived to celebrate the reality star's 35th birthday... and then asked them to wear fake baby bumps. Why? Apparently to 'honor' the birthday girl's current journey? While we kind-of-sort-of can see where Kanye was coming from (Kim is feeling blah about her bump these days), we can't imagine how awkward that had to be for all of her friends and family.

And let's be real—does it really make you feel better if your guests can sip expensive champagne with their fake bellies, when you, um, can't? There's no 'cheers' in that! And as if it couldn't get any stranger, guests (and their fake babies-to-be) then sat down to watch the movie Steve Jobs... at a birthday party. (Didn't anyone ever hear of Pretty in Pink or something?)

But what do we know? Apparently, Kim loved it, as the image she shared on Instagram can attest to.

Welp. Happy birthday, Kim! We can't wait to see what Kanye gives you as a push-present... or then again, maybe we can.