Kate Middleton And Other Celebrity Pregnancy Cravings

Find out what the Duchess has been craving during her royal pregnancy.


Pickles and peanut butter, ice cream with hot sauce or bananas and ketchup, pregnancy cravings can conjure up all kinds of fabulous and freaky food combinations.

The Duchess of Cambridge, who is due any day now, is said to have picked up a serious Indian food habit in the past few months and is enjoying all things spicy.

She has ordered takeaway vegetable curry, rice and flatbread from a local store on a few occasions recently.

But Kate then cools down her palette with bags of Haribo candy, which offer sweet and sour cola bottles, and gummy bears.

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The expectant Royal was also said to be fond of lavender shortbread that helped to ease her nausea in the early stages of her pregnancy.

This revelation made us take a look back at the other kooky cravings that celebrity moms picked up while expecting their bundles of joy.

While Jessica Simpson admittedly had a healthier second pregnancy with her son Ace, it was a different scenario when she was expecting daughter Maxwell.

The Fashion Star mentor enjoyed buttered Pop Tarts for breakfast and noshed on Kraft Mac n’ Cheese and Cap’n Crunch.

Hilary Duff loved snacking on gooey, chewy sweet marshmallow treats and chocolate milk, while pop star Pink went in the opposite direction and craved all things mouth-puckering like Sour Patch Kids and Sour Skittles.

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Molly Sims reportedly liked the combo of steak and yogurt together and Kourtney Kardashian admitted that her craziest craving was a “relish and mayo sandwich.”

Meanwhile, Victoria Beckham’s cravings with her daughter Harper were very British indeed as her must have was tea and toast with lashings of marmalade.

Angelina Jolie had a few different must-haves when pregnant with twins Knox and Vivienne including onion rings and mustard or dark chocolate bars flavored with cinnamon and chili.

Jennifer Connelly loved pretzels dipped in cream cheese and Jennifer Lopez indulged in orange soda, M&Ms and salsa – but we’re hoping it wasn’t all mixed together!

What has been your craziest pregnancy craving? Share in the comments below!