Katherine Heigl Freaked Out About Some Common Pregnancy-Related Body Changes

The actress revealed the number of pounds she gained while pregnant—and how much her breasts grew. Odds are, you'll probably relate all too well to what she said about her postpartum body.

Katherine Heigl Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock
Having a baby changes your life in so many ways—and while the way pregnancy affects your pant size is definitely not the most significant change, it can definitely be a bummer.

There's entirely too much pressure placed on postpartum women to get back into those pre-pregnancy jeans—and often, quite a bit of that pressure comes from the women themselves. It can be really tough to look down at the scale and see a much higher number than usual—and apparently, it threw Katherine Heigl for a loop.

“I gained like 40 lbs. That’s hard for an actress who’s spent her whole life trying to always lose that last 10. But I’m so grateful for my body right now because I feel like it’s doing what it needs to do," Katherine told PEOPLE about her postpartum bod. “My boobs just got so ginormous. It was horrifying! I’ve always had fairly large breasts, but [I went from a] DD to an I. Did you know that an I even existed in bra sizes? I didn’t. I didn’t know that until I started having to buy bra sizes in an I. That’s D, E, F, G, H, I — that’s horrifying!”

Sound familiar? That postpartum period tends to be characterized by those conflicting feelings—while you've gained this whole new appreciation for your body (after all, it was the love of your life's house for 40-ish weeks!), you also may be feeling frustrated by how much it's changed—and that's normal, too! While Katherine, who vowed to knock off her remaining 20 pounds the healthy way, may have gained more or less weight than you did, chances are what she's saying here rings pretty true. And that point about how much her boobs grew? That's so real it hurts (like, literally—the back pain is no joke!)

Katherine (who welcomed her son, Joshua, five weeks ago) has always been one of the more candid celebs out there, and we appreciate how honest she is about this issue. We get what she's saying: Those physical changes can be tough to wrap your head around...but maintaining a healthy lifestyle and appreciating what your body has done for you? That's really all that matters.