Katherine Heigl Proves Even Celebs Struggle to Find the Perfect Baby Name

The actress opened up about how difficult it was to name her son—and how she ultimately went with the obvious choice.

Katherine Heigl did something that's practically unheard of in Hollywood circles: She chose a classic, conventional name for her baby. The actress named her son Joshua, after her husband—but she recently admitted that choosing the name wasn't easy. She spent much of her pregnancy grappling with the baby name decision, before coming back around to her first choice.

Why didn't she decide on the name sooner, you ask? Well, she did—it was just a matter of getting the baby's namesake on board.

"I think Joshua is a beautiful name...And one night I sort of broached [my husband] with it and said, 'What do you think about a junior?' And he in the past said that he hated that idea and he could never be that guy, but I couldn't—I wasn't finding something that I was responding to," Katherine said during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. "And he went, 'Aw, I love that. That would mean a lot to me.' And I was like, 'Well, maybe had I known that nine months ago I would have had a name sooner!'"

Katherine admitted she's not thrilled with many obvious nicknames for a boy named Joshua: Joshy doesn't get her stamp of approval, and she's also not on board with calling Joshua "Junior" in reference to the fact that he and his dad share a name. But ultimately, Jimmy Kimmel pointed out that parents actually have very little control over the nicknames their kids will incur (true point, Jimmy. True point.)

To all the mamas who considered repurposing family names for their kids—was it a tough choice for you to reach too?