Keeping up with the Jonases

Kevin's the charming, fast-talking pop star. Danielle's the sweet, thoughtful girl who always dreamed of being a mom. Together, they're unstoppable.

Danielle and Kevin Jonas Cover Shoot for Fit Pregnancy Magazine

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Kevin Jonas is one doting, do-it-all dad-to-be. In the past year, he and his band of bros, the multi-platinum pop group the Jonas Brothers, have performed for arenas of screaming fans, starred in music videos and worked on a new album, their first in four years. He's building a dream home and waiting on his wife, Danielle, who's due in February. For these parents-to-be, who welcomed the world into their zany lives on E!'s hit show Married to Jonas, managing worldwide stardom is nothing compared to settling on a stroller.

"The question is, will my opinion factor in at all?" jokes Kevin, looking at his 26-year-old wife with affection. Laughing, Danielle tries to explain what she wants for the daughter they're expecting. "He forgets I'm not as strong as him! I like the Bugaboo Bee." Kevin, 25, has other ideas. "The Orbit stroller and car seat is safe. I don't trust other drivers."

They're not the first couple to disagree about strollers. But Kevin hits upon an answer. "We'll have more than one stroller, babe," he says, proud to be able to offer this solution. Although they've been married for four years, Danielle, a former hairstylist from New Jersey, is still sometimes surprised by her good fortune. "I wasn't thinking like that. OK," she says. And as easy as that, it's settled. When they sit down to chat, still somehow effervescent after a full day shooting for Fit Pregnancy, it's clear that teamwork is the secret of their success—whether they're dealing with Danielle's health scares or building a house in a race against her due date.

Fit Pregnancy: How was the shoot?

Kevin Jonas: You should have seen Dani owning it today! I love to watch her doing things like this: seeing something she wants and then doing it and feeling good about it.

Danielle Jonas: Honestly, I don't think photo shoots are ever going to feel natural to me, but today was a lot of fun. Kevin is my comfort. If he wasn't here, I wouldn't have felt like that.

FP: Danielle, how are you feeling at five months in?

DJ: I feel good now, but the beginning was really tough. I wasn't puking, but I got really dehydrated and was on an IV for about two weeks. I couldn't be with Kevin on tour, which was so hard.

KJ: I wanted to be there for her. Whenever I had a day off, I'd fly home and we'd just lay in bed together.

DJ: I guess I hadn't been eating right and drinking enough, because one day I just passed out.

KJ: She was on the phone with me when it happened. The phone went dead and I was like, She went down! I got in my car and drove right there.

DJ: You got there faster than the ambulance! Once I got to the hospital, they put me on an IV and I immediately felt a lot better. After that, I talked to a nutritionist.

FP: What changes did you make?

DJ: She told me to eat five times a day and to stay hydrated! Now I carry Smartwater and snacks wherever I go.

FP: You've been really open about your anxiety issues, Danielle. How are you handling that during your pregnancy?

DJ: Honestly, working out has really helped. It makes me feel good.

KJ: Just last night, you were having a hard time and got on the treadmill. When you got off, you were like, "That was what I needed."

DJ: Walking does something good for me. I am still taking antianxiety medication, but at a really low dose.

KJ: We talked to multiple doctors about the appropriate kind to take.

DJ: They say if your body is stressed out, that's not good for the baby, so I figured this was the best thing for me.

FP: Good for you for taking care of yourself. You look great, are you wearing maternity clothes yet?

DJ: I just recently started, and I'm having such a hard time finding stuff that fits! But I like J Brand jeans, 7 For All Mankind and Jessica Simpson.

KJ: Her body is incredible! I think pregnancy is the most beautiful, sexy time in a woman's life.

DJ: Not every guy thinks that ...

FP: The good ones do! Have you started shopping for the nursery yet?

DJ: I've always been obsessed with Snow White. I loved the bluebirds that were always with her, so when I found out I was having a girl, I wanted a crib with bluebirds on it.

KJ: A close family friend of ours, Kate McIntyre, is a decorator, and she's designing a crib with carved birds.

DJ: And the room is going to be purple instead of pink. I've had the swatch of fabric for the wall color since we got married. We were finishing our house and I was like, "This has to be saved for a baby's room." And we got a girl!

KJ: I'm working hard to get our new house built in time for the baby. I'm general-contracting the project myself. We started five weeks ago with an existing property on the site, and we've already demo'd, excavated, gotten all the permits and, as of today, the frame is up and they've sided the entire house!

DJ: Kevin is so persistent, he will not stop until something's done.

KJ: I set my sight on a goal and do everything I can to accomplish it, and once it's done, I move on to something else. I always need a project.

FP: Danielle, are you a project person?

DJ: I'm an organizer.

KJ: She knows if you move a sock! I'm a mess—I'll get a soda, put it down and I'm on to the next thing, leaving a trail of disaster.

FP: Other than exceptionally organized, Kevin, what kind of parent will Danielle be?

KJ: Dani will ooze affection, and she'll be clingy at first. I have a feeling she's not going to love letting everyone else hold the baby.

DJ: That does scare me. My mom is like, "Once you have her, you'll be OK handing her off!"

KJ: Dani will be the stricter parent.

DJ: He'll try to make her laugh, the same way he does with me. He'll be very hands-on and kissy. And he'll spoil the crap out of her—that's going to be a problem.

FP: Why is that a problem?

DJ: I want things to be special to her. I want her to feel like she's earned things.

KJ: She will, but Daddy's love is going to be giving her a lot too. For our new home, I want to do a tree house and a whole wonderland play area in the backyard. It's on three acres, so there's a lot of land for a kid to run around.

FP: That sounds incredible.

KJ: You know, it's not what I had growing up. I grew up on food stamps. One of the sweetest moments of our marriage was when my mom and dad took Danielle and me to the apartment I was raised in in Dallas. It was not great. Dani started to cry and said, "I'm so blessed." That's the kind of girl she is, and I hope to instill the same values in our children. We've worked really hard and we've been blessed, but I want our daughter to know about giving back too. We've raised more than $7 million for our family's foundation, Change for the Children, and I went on my first mission trip, to rebuild an orphanage, when I was 6 years old. I want to do that same thing with our daughter. But we have the fun and ridiculous part of our life that I also want to share. I can't wait to have our daughter on the tour bus and get pictures of her in every city.

DJ: I'm going to try to go on tour with him, with our baby.

KJ: We already know she's into music—the first time Dani came to one of our concerts pregnant, the baby started kicking as soon as we started playing. I've seen friends bring their kids on tour, and they're dancing and pointing at their daddy on the stage. I want to be cool until she's at least 13.

DJ: Kevin's dream was to be on stage and my dream was always to be a mom. So my dream is coming true right now.

FP: So sweet! Are you guys thinking about a "labor day" playlist?

KJ: I'm starting it tonight! Our baby is going to be born to the classics! I'm going to put some Dean Martin in there, some Rat Pack, some Jackson 5 ...

DJ: I'm the one giving birth—I have to like all the music!

FP: Sounds like you want music to be a part of her life.

KJ: Definitely. I want her to play an instrument from an early age. I want her to learn to play the violin.

DJ: I didn't know that. I want her to be a ballerina.

KJ: We're going to keep her very busy! I want her to learn Italian too.

DJ: I'll do that with her! I also want to teach her sign language.

KJ: My mom is fluent in sign language, so we all signed before we spoke with words.

FP: OK, you want her to be active, love music and be able to express herself. What else?

DJ: I hope she's not shy, because I wish I wasn't so shy.

KJ: We hope that she appreciates family the way we do. We both have big families that we're heavily involved with, and we hope she'll bring everyone together even more.

FP: How are the families reacting?

DJ: They're nuts. They're loving it. It's amazing. I think his dad is going to melt! He isn't used to girls.

KJ: She'll be the first girl on my side! It's been really cool—even my brothers have wanted to see all the ultrasound pictures. So many celebrities hide that they're pregnant for a long time and keep everything so quiet. Why? It's such a joyful time, we're telling the world and we want to be able to rejoice!

FP: What do you both hope your baby will inherit from the other?

DJ: I hope she gets his green eyes. I hope that she gets some of his personality—maybe a little tamer— but I like that he's outgoing and doesn't get nervous. He totally goes after his dreams, and I hope she goes after hers, too.

KJ: I hope that she gets Dani's big heart. She cares more about other people than she does about herself. And I hope she gets her beauty, because if I get two of these, I'm going to be the luckiest guy on earth.

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