Kelly Rowland: 'Beyoncé Made Me Excited to Be a Mom'

Singer and hot mama Kelly Rowland opens up to Fit Pregnancy about getting back in shape after baby Titan and what it's like to have new-mom friends like Beyoncé and Ciara.

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It's been one year of motherhood for former Destiny's Child member and solo artist, Kelly Rowland, and she is bursting with tips, tricks and words of wisdom for new moms and moms-to-be! Now, she likes her kisses all over her baby boy Titan, who turns 1 on November 4, but that doesn't stop her from keeping her body on-point as she masters mommyhood. After some real talk with Rowland, we have the inside scoop on the details of her fitness routine before (and after!) the birth of her little bundle, along with her thoughts on what it's like to share new-mom experiences with Beyoncé!

Fit Pregnancy: We want to wish Titan a happy first birthday! He turns 1 next week. What are your plans?

Kelly Rowland: Thank you so much! We are so excited for his first birthday and we are really just going to have a smaller celebration with family, friends, cake, ice cream and Tex-Mex—that was my request.

FP: You seem so genuinely joyful in photos and footage of you and Titan. How has motherhood empowered you as a woman and an artist?

KR: Oh, well as an artist I have a lot more to talk about. As a woman though? My son taught me a thing or two about patience. I had anxiety that I would have a really hard time being patient with Titan, but honestly, it just came naturally. It's one of the reasons why I know he was meant to be.

FP: If you had to choose a product that has really helped you during this new phase of your life, what would it be?

KR: I am so happy I was introduced to Dreft [baby-safe laundry detergent] that I actually partnered with the brand! I started using Dreft for nearly everything! I held a friend of mine's baby (no—not Beyoncé's!) and I loved the way her baby smelled. It was Dreft! I started washing all of Titan's clothing, sheets and drapes with it. I love scented memories, and Dreft has become a huge part of my household.

FP: What about your fitness regime? It seems like your body just bounced right back into killer shape! Can you talk to us about your exercise routine during pregnancy?

KR: I owe it to my trainer, Jeanette Jenkins, who was there with me every step of the way when I was pregnant. She used to joke with me that my baby would be born with muscles because I was working out so much! My favorite exercises were yoga, jogging, and swimming. Jeanette told me that because I was releasing so many endorphins from exercising, it would be good for my baby. I love that she looked at things from a chemical perspective.

FP: It sounds like you have a great relationship with Jenkins! What did she say about your nutrition and pregnancy cravings?

KR: She would tell me it's okay for me to give into my cravings. I would ask her what I should do if I just wanted to eat chocolate ice cream and peanut butter all day long, and she would joke with me that I need to really eat some carrots in-between!

FP: What about after you had Titan? How did you adjust to your post-baby body?

KR: I really had to get used to the body that was in the mirror—it wasn't the body that was on the cover of Shape magazine. Jenkins kept reminding me not to worry so much about the weight and to focus on eating right, exercising and celebrating my healthy baby.

FP: How long did it take for you to get back into the fitness groove after having Titan?

KR: Exactly eight weeks later, Jenkins and I went right to my core. She told me to build my core first, which will help take care of my back, which will help take care of everything else! She always says that.

FP: What about your nutrition post-baby?

KR: I actually had to increase my caloric intake by 200 calories because I was breastfeeding. If you think about it, that's really a rice cake with peanut butter and banana slices. I think a lot of moms go a little too hard with increasing their caloric and fat intake just because they are breastfeeding!

FP: Even just by glancing at your Instagram account, it's obvious that you manage your time really well. One minute you're at a petting zoo with your son and the next you're at a Ciara's birthday party with Beyoncé!

KR: I have to say, I'm honestly still trying to get a hold of managing my time well!

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FP: It must really help to have such close friends that are going through similar things as new mommies. Did Beyoncé give you any great pregnancy or new-mom advice since she had two years with Blue Ivy before Titan was born?

KR: Absolutely. I was showered with tons of free knowledge from Beyoncé. She helped me get excited about being a mom, along with Ciara, La La [Anthony] and others.

FP: What was one of your proudest mommy moments with your new-mom friends?

KR: I was so proud when I introduced Titan to La La's [8-year-old] son, [Kiyan]—he handled himself so well!